The Problem With Mario Maker

CCC Says: "If you watched the Mario Maker demo footage from Gamescom and E3 you might have noticed something. The stages that were being made were horrible! Note that these were being made by the same people who made Mario Maker, and most of them were just machines to get a bunch of 1-ups, horrendous gauntlets of bouncing enemies with no rhyme or reason. You can expect that many of the Mario Maker stages that we will see in the final version of the game to be more of the same."

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DanielGearSolid1427d ago

This is the case with any Community level designer.

iamnsuperman1427d ago

"But Mario Maker levels are short. They are only a few screens long. Not only that, but the tool-set is limited. Heck, right now you can’t even place fire-flowers. Can you make interesting Mario levels with it, yes, but it’s not easy. Instead, people fall prey tp the same impulse most people do when confronted with a new editing program: put more stuff on the field!"

I heard this fear from someone on the IGN UK podcast. If they are going to make this work then need to implement a feature where you can build your own game. Link levels together and make the levels longer with more tools available

Metallox1427d ago

They would be pretty dumb by not adding a classic power up like the Fire Flower and hence more content. I mean, I'm pretty sure they will, but they probably just wanted to reserve the content for another day.

Or otherwise I wouldn't understand why they decided to show this at E3.

Dannycr1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

You wanna know why they probably won't do that?

Because with Mario Maker being such a perfect level creation tool, there actually wouldn't be a reason for a new New Super Mario Bros entry. You will be able to play new levels made by players that could probably be way better, intricate, smart and cool on a daily basis than what you may get in a new Mario installment.

It's basically the same reason why I didn't buy Little Big Planet 2. The extras wasn't enough justification for me to buy the second one when they could have just released an expansion to the first 1.

With little big planet 3, the difference will be the obvious usage of the power difference between PS3 and PS4, and that does warrant a buy, but in the case of Mario Maker, I would rather keep playing cool levels there for free than paying $60 for a new power up.

PSD: This is just for New Super Mario Bros franchise, obviously Super Mario 3D franchise is a whole 'nother case.

eferreira1427d ago

With short levels to create and no option to share online, this could be a disaster. I really hope Nintendo makes good on this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1427d ago

They DID mention that the game wasn't done being built yet, at E3, so complaining that there's not enough tools yet when the final product hasn't even been seen, is kind of pointless.

This sounds like whining for the sake of it, or just because it's Mario.

Dannycr1427d ago

It's not. This is valid and important because it's not whinning, it is actually positive feedback that the devs can take into consideration while they are building the game.

Thinking that we are not suppose to provide feedback because the game is not finished doesn't help at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman1427d ago

Feedback on a product that isn't fully fleshed out is the same as wasting time, whenever someone suggests something the developers already have planned to put into the game.

It's better to wait until the full product is shown in this case.
Extra stuff could be added in via patches afterwards, based on community preferences.

Dannycr1427d ago

Providing feedback is NEVER a waste of time. Even if they already had it planned.

If they had it planned, then they would mention it and if it wasn't mentioned, then, it is up to the journalist to ask the questions of where it is, why wasn't it done or why don't you do it?

"Extra stuff can be added later" So you want devs to ship incomplete games because they can be patched later?

Kevlar0091427d ago

Ideally Nintendo will sort levels according to highest rated, most downloaded, rated difficulty.