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GTA 5 delay, and the role of skepticism in games journalism

Is GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC delayed? We don't know, and that's the problem. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

DanielGearSolid  +   28d ago
Good point
tigertron  +   28d ago
I wish Rockstar would hurry up and announce the release date already.
KwietStorm  +   28d ago
Yea, we all know Rockstar works by their own rules, but it's a little old at this point. It's about to be the end of August, we still don't have heists for a game that was released a year ago, and we just want to know what the date is. Just a little community service would be a lot.
kingxtreme81  +   28d ago
Yeah, they for sure make great games, but their silence can be maddening.

No info on GTA V PS4/XBO/PC for over 2 months now, no more videos, no release date even as we approach September, not to mention no word on heists for 360/PS3 players.

They could do with being a little more forthcoming from time to time.
xTheSociopathx  +   28d ago
its always next week
FayZ_  +   28d ago
n4g is full of scepticism, especially in the comments section
jontrueno  +   28d ago
That was a better read than I thought it would be. Nice job.
Plagasx  +   28d ago
What if they just came out of nowhere and announced a release date for September 17th? Right in line with the anniversary of GTA V last gen.
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marrerojalexander  +   23d ago
Sorry guys but i think i just found out. :( December 31, 2014


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