DayZ Standalone – The Best Places to Find a Gun

Bill Lavoy (Prima Games): Video games tend to run through our lives in cycles. New games come out and hold our attention for a few weeks, and then we slowly move on to the next big thing. Rarely does a game keep our attention for months on end.

The DayZ Standalone, while still in its alpha phase, is one of those games. It was originally released at the end of 2013, and since that time has gone through many changes, something we became aware of after hopping back on over the last few days and struggling to find a gun. The way we see it, if we are having a hard time arming ourselves, others might as well. After a bit of research and legwork, here are the top five places where you can find a gun in Chernarus.

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lazyboyblue1430d ago

Don't really have a need for a gun. I've played over 2 hrs now and never seen a zombie or another player. Should change the name from DayZ to Naff Eastern European town simulator 2014