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Not too Gnarly

Riot's latest addition to its League roster has Nate scratching his head over the seemingly confused mechanics and itemization problems. (League of Legends, PC)

chobit_A5HL3Y  +   62d ago
one of the biggest problems is that you don't get to decide when he transforms or not, making him extremely unreliable.
Kevlar009  +   62d ago
Yep, also his Gnar form doesn't have an Ultimate, so if you revive and head straight for a fight there is a chance you are only regular gnar for a few seconds, with only some poke as a weapon. His normal form should have had an Ultimate where he gains Bonus AS and increased rage generation, so you can quickly evolve when you need to.
nhales80  +   62d ago
I agree and that is what I cited as his big issue, along with no clear itemization.
Ghozzt  +   60d ago
Ive found that jungle Gnar works pretty well especially with his speed boost. You have better control over your rage meter when jungling so you can time your ganks when he's ready to change. You have a jump, a slow and that big ulti to send them flying toward your team. Gnar jungle needs to try and gank from behind to use that ulti. His W passive means he can farm really quick once you get a couple damage and atk speed items (trinity + blade ruined king), that E gives him good movement in the jungle and gank potential.

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