It Sounds Like Xbox One Sales Have Reached At Least 5 Million Units

Microsoft reveals that five million gamers have used Upload Studio since launch, potentially revealing a new lifetime sales figure for the console.


[UPDATE] Microsoft has since removed a line in this Xbox Wire blog post that mentioned "five million Xbox One gamers..." It now reads, "To date, millions of Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips..." (emphasis added).

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SaveFerris1492d ago

5M gamers using an app doesn't seem like an accurate way of confirming sales. I doubt every single owner of the XB1 has used the app.

kingtroy1492d ago

True but at least we know it's around 5mil range or possibly more .

SaveFerris1492d ago

Apart from VGChartz and their dubious numbers, what other source could provide confirmed 'sell through' figures?

AngelicIceDiamond1492d ago

No offense but that's kind of a lame way to estimate sales.

aCasualGamer1492d ago

That's great news! 5 million Xbox Ones and 10 million PS4s.

That's 15 million people owning a nextgen console after only 9 months. NOW PLEASE! RELEASE MORE AAA GAMES!


badboyz091492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

There were only 45million Live accounts last gen and RROD helped with the majority of 360 sales aswell. No more RROD this time around. I don't see the Xbox One exceeding 30million this gen. Unless Microsoft opens there wallet and more price drops.

uptownsoul1492d ago

Everybody better re-read the Xbox Wire webpage because they have taken down the 5 Million part of the "5 Million users have used Upload Studio"…Now it only says "To date, millions of Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips" -- How many Millions? We no longer know


migh_and_highty1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Multiple accounts on one console perhaps?
Edit: Someone already posted same thing :(

blitz06231492d ago

If Xbox reached 5m, MS would announce it first before 5m people using an app

InTheLab1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

If MS hit 5m with the Xbox One, they'd be telling us all about it so there would be no guessing or speculation...

BiggerBoss1492d ago

@blitz, @inthelab, You guys may be right, but they could just be keeping quiet about it for a reason. If they announced 5 million shipped months ago, and then tomorrow they announce 5 million sold through, how good would that make them look? Not very good at all. Who knows when we'll get official numbers, but it will be when it's a more favorable number. They may announce "7 million shipped" or something sometime in the near future, but until then we have to work off of NPD sales and attempt to extrapolate data for the other countries in Europe, etc.

mixolydian_id1492d ago

'Like' if you have actually purchased a next-gen XB1 or PS4!

sonarus1491d ago

LOL. The day microsoft sells to 5million gamers, We will know all know. Microsoft over estimated XBox demand and retail got overstocked with Xbox's thats why they can only claim 5 mill shipped to retailers. It doesn't seem like retailers have managed to sell through all that yet.

WOW to how the might have fallen. I understand sony getting big headed after success with pS1 and ps2. Ms failed with the original Xbox, had great success with Xbox 360 and then got big headed. SMH. I am not very confident microsoft has the resources to steer themselves out of this mess other than ponying up more monies which just means more losses for xbox division. Sucks for phil spencer but seems like Kottick already screwed this up beyond repair

Mr Pumblechook1491d ago

Microsoft retracted their claim of 5 million sales. The only reason to do this would be if the figures were unsubstantiated, i.e. they have sold LESS than 5 million.

See the story update, now they've put in one of their meaningless figures XXX million video clips, or XXXX zombies killed. PR is a grubby business.

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Kayant1492d ago

Add to that there can be multiple accounts on each console. It's just kinda of silly.

badz1491492d ago

MS surely have a way to get "sell through" numbers, right? why use the app use count? 5M can be both ways, >5M if not all who bought it ever use the app and it can also be <5M is many consoles have multiple accounts.

pompombrum1492d ago

Pretty sure every console requires to be connected to the internet initially for a mandatory update. Providing they all still require that, shouldn't be hard for Microsoft to log the number of consoles sold to consumers.

GameSpawn1491d ago

Microsoft is able to get sell though numbers just like any other major brand can. Microsoft just NEVER publishes them because they know they can fool investors into a false sense of security with shipped numbers (which can still be a gauge of product movement, though it's much less accurate and truthful of true product movement).

C-H-E-F1492d ago

Exactly just like how I have 3 accounts each account will count as 1 user/gamer... serparate and totally independent even though they are all on 1 single PS4. Microsoft be reaching so hard for those numbers, all starting with that Dead Rising zombies killed stat when sony put up sales numbers. hahahaha Reach much?

mark3214uk1492d ago

cant you have multi accounts on xbox?

slasaru011492d ago

The voice of truth here, at last.
I was not downloading this App, neither did many of my known fellow Xbox users. That means sales are much bigger than five millions.

lunatic00011492d ago

True...I own an xb1 and I never used this feature

Funantic11492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I've never used it and don't intend to. But seriously 5 million was announced almost 2 months ago. I guess no X1s were sold since then.

Minato-Namikaze1492d ago

5 million shipped, not sold.

otherZinc1492d ago


Exactly, gamespot should be ashamed of themselves.

FanboyKilla1492d ago

lol only haters wish for someone to fail. why are you here? you people have no self pride, but you wave sonys flag like its your family banner. lmfao

reko1492d ago Show
MonsterChef1492d ago

You guys are young arnt ya, I'm talking about Xbox fans because you seem to think that Xbox has had a target on its back from its inception, if I recall all of last generation the ps3 was talked so badly about it was crazy so many 360 fluff pieces and so many detrimental ps3 pieces so stop acting like a victim and accept the fact you choose the wrong side this Gen

djtek1841492d ago

[UPDATE] Microsoft has since removed a line in this Xbox Wire blog post that mentioned "five million Xbox One gamers..." It now reads, "To date, millions of Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips..."

MCTJim1492d ago

I have interest in it.

TheSaint1492d ago

And I doubt every single account is on an original Xbox.

It was the same last gen, most people had multiple accounts and that's what Sony and MS based it on.

PSVita1491d ago

[UPDATE] Microsoft has since removed a line in this Xbox Wire blog post that mentioned "five million Xbox One gamers..." It now reads, "To date, millions of Xbox One gamers have created more than 500 million clips..." (emphasis added).

Damn that's bad.

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Manic20141492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I think it 5 million+ by now, I doubt MS will announce it, certainly not after the PS4 sales announcement.

Lawboy21492d ago

I agree....I feel they stopped announcing sales figures because they were embarrassing themselves announcing them and then sony would annouce there and it would make there's look bad....

In microsofts finacial report they stated that for the year they have sold 11 million xbox one consoles and xbox 360 consoles clearly it's above 5 million

oSHINSAo1492d ago

i haven't used the upload app yet...

CloudRap1492d ago

Probably close to 6 million by now the kinectless sku certainly gave it momentum. Those new bundles are definitely gonna push sales later on especially with Halo MCC but its never gonna pass ps4 which is fine, its just gonna thrive along with it.

imt5581492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Nope, close to 7 mil. :rolleyes: Probably they reach 5 mil. or maybe close to 5 mil. Nothing more.

Kinectless SKU dint't help to close the sales gap in US 2 months in a row.

Sunset Overdrive and COD : AW bundles are not even in TOP 40 on Amazon.

700p1492d ago

So you're telling me...that everyone buys there consoles off amazon????? SINCE WHEN? LOL

aviator1891492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

You should know that amazon sales are just a part of overall sales and that amazon has historically attracted more ps buyers to their market.

modesign1492d ago

700p, at my local walmart, there were 1 ps4 available and 30 xbones available. what does that say.

n4rc1492d ago

Omfg... They shipped 5m by march-april..

We are now in the middle of August.. They are over 5m sold.. That's common sense

n4rc1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

You can disagree all you want.. It doesn't make me wrong..

Every single one of those 5m units from spring are sold and replaced with new units. I have no clue how much higher it may be, but its certainly at 5m or above


That you're lying? Lol.. Was that a serious question?

NullPointer1491d ago

700p, obviously not everyone buys from Amazon but I'd call them a statistically significant sample set -

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Zombro1491d ago

Yeah a console has to be in second I like my xbox that's all that matters