500GB Hard Drive coming to Xbox 360

Previously, the Xbox 360 only supported 320GB (unless you have a custom 320GB+ Hard Drive), but times are changing.

The Xbox 360's younger brother, the Xbox One, launched with a 500GB Hard Drive - while some scoffed at how little that was, the Xbox 360 pined for that much room.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1496d ago

How about you just let us use whatever size external hdd with no limitations? You know, like the Xbox One.

nigelp5201496d ago

Games with Gold is the best thing that has happened to my Hard drive

guitarded771496d ago

Isn't this a bit late? I mean game development for the XBOX 360 is fading away... I know some could use it still, but they should have done this 2 years ago.

itBourne1496d ago

Fading away? I guess 3rd party is, 1st party has been non existent for 4 years or so... So yah just a tad bit late.

guitarded771496d ago

Well... I didn't want to say it and ruffle feathers, but yeah. The console is all but dead. It will get one or two more CoD's and another two years of sports games to cash in on the hold outs and kids whose parents aren't ready to shell out for Jr's next gen, but yeah... it's a dead console. I don't see a 500gb hard drive selling at this point.

Torque_CS_Lewith1496d ago

Development may be fading but GwG is just getting going. Plus with games like The Crew, Project Spark (all that user content) Rise of the TR, Forza Horizon 2 and whatever next gen goodies coming to the 360, we will need the space.
I vote for external hdd support to the max but MS have other more greedy ideas.

Bottom line though, the gwg service warrants more hdd space so I'm semi grateful.

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