How to Connect your PS4 to an SDTV

If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, most likely you’ve also got a HDTV. However, there are a large proportion of people who still have, or at least use, standard definition television sets in their bedrooms. So then comes the dilemma, how do you connect your PS4 to the SDTV when the console only has a HDMI out?

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The_Infected1126d ago

Instead of buying a PS4 you may want to invest that money into a HDTV. Lol

Hellsvacancy1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

I was in the same dilemma last gen, I had a sdtv and wanted a PS3, no way did I want to game using a hd console on a standard tv

I bought a hdtv then a month later gotta PS3, i've never looked back

thereapersson1126d ago

It's not just TV's; certain older receivers are powerful yet analog only, making the audio output incompatible unless you get a D/A converter. I have an old Sansui from the late 70's... solid state, 2 channel, really powerful, but it's analog and thus doesn't support the PS4. I have my PS3 hooked up to it for now until I get a D/A converter.

FarEastOrient1126d ago

Especially since flatscreen TVs are so much cheaper than they've ever been.

assdan1126d ago

Lol. My suggestion.
don't play on an sdtv. Question why you would ever buy a ps4 and play one tv technology that's 10 years out of date. Throw out SDTV and spend less than 150 on a GOOD 1080p tv.

frenchtoast1126d ago

But they need PS4, they don't need HD :)

Alicornium1126d ago

Why would I want to! :')

gfk3421126d ago

For whom is this guide good for? If someone wants to play Ps4 on a SDTV then it has to go to a medical check up :-)

Godmars2901126d ago

What's an SDTV? Of what strange technology of which you speak?

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The story is too old to be commented.