The Golf Club Releases Today on Steam and Xbox One

The highly anticipated golf game, “The Golf Club” was released today on Steam and Xbox One. HB Studios is behind this game creation, having previously worked on Madden, NBA Live, and Tiger Woods 10. Now I ask, what is different about this game? Take a look to see how customizable this game actually is.

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Delive1216d ago

I'm interested, but I don't know if there is a ps4 release.

creatchee1216d ago

There is - it comes out next week, I believe.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231216d ago

The game is OK, Not really worth the price tag.

It has very little features compared to Tiger/PGA. Also the game does not hold your hand like Tiger/PGA.

I suppose it is better than nothing as the PGA game on PC is subscription based.

BlingBlaine1216d ago

I thought this was Free 2 Play, is it not?

memots1216d ago

Hard to click on google an search i guess ..

Buy The Golf Club
$34.99 USD ADD TO CART ( steam )

memots1216d ago

One at 4k . the other at 720p