Alone in the Dark: Illumination Teased for Autumn 2014

Hardcore Gamer: The venerable survival horror series Alone in the Dark is looking to have a new installment set for this year.

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ValKilmer1427d ago

Survival horror is back! So excited this is coming back in what looks to be a big way.

DarkOcelet1427d ago

They should let kojima handle this game too , i loved the first one on the ps1 and they are releasing it in 2014 with no trailer or marketing what so ever , thats not how you release your game and want it to succeed , and 2014 is full of games , they should delay it .

ValKilmer1427d ago

They should let Kojima handle everything.

scark921427d ago

I was playing it recently, Its great, but also frustratingly difficult! But that's not a bad thing!

Master-H1427d ago

That was the first horror game i played, man those trousers-only wearing zombies filled secret corridors in the mansion sacred me good when i was lil, i never beat it tho.

JeffGUNZ1427d ago

Interested, that's for sure. Let's hope it has that gritty survival horror aspect to it.

-Foxtrot1427d ago

It's almost September and we've heard nothing on this

Yeah I highly doubt it's going to be good.

ValKilmer1427d ago

To be fair, Atari blew its entire marketing budget on the teaser site.

SlapHappyJesus1427d ago

I'm excited. The last Alone in the Dark had so much promise, but was held down by shoddy execution.
I've always loved the series though. Let's hope this is a solid and proper return to the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.