Diablo III Feels Like It Was Made For PS4

Kotaku: It all started with the dodge button. Blizzard added that to Diablo III when bringing it to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Dodging was a great feature, but it wasn't enough to make me switch my allegiance from playing on a PC. Now that Diablo III is out for the PS4 and Xbox One, it's a different story.

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spacedelete1496d ago

thats weird. just because your playing on next gen console its a different story ? its the same freaking game.

nX1496d ago

It fits perfect on PS4, it reignited my love for this series.

Docknoss1496d ago

It feels made for the Xbox One. See what I did there?

XB1_PS41496d ago

I don't get it, why is the title different than what the site has it? It should be "Diablo III Feels Like It Was Made For Next-Gen Consoles"

sonarus1496d ago

The kotaku title actually says "next gen consoles" not PS4. However the URL still says PS4 so was likely edited.

Games like diablo really aren't my cup of tea so unless it comes to PS plus...PASS

fiveby91496d ago

The article did initially state 'made for PS4' but was later edited by the Kotaku author.See the comments at the end of the article. So the N4G headline has just not been edited to reflect the change.

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Clown_Syndr0me1496d ago

Just another PS4 fanboy article..notice how he says the game on PS4 and Xbox One is a different story, but missed out Xbox One in the title?
Makes me feel like a sheep for being a PS fan..

mezati991496d ago

never ever go full retard mr clown

NexGen1496d ago

The article title was updated to "next gen consoles" but that is not reflected here on n4g.

fiveby91496d ago

Helps to read the whole article.

GetSomeLoGiK1496d ago

Well, I mean it is at 1080 and 60fps unlike Xbone so it'll play and look a little better. After all it is the PS4......where greatness awaits.

thrust1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It is 1080p on the xbox one only drops to 54fps for a couple of seconds other than that it is 60fps.

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XtraTrstrL1496d ago

I think he means it feels like it's made for the DS4. With how you have a handful of abilities at one time that are mapped well to the controller. Then, the touchpad is implemented well for scrolling through inventory and whatnot. It feels nice doing combos on the controller, maybe a lil better than keyboard/mouse for some.

FriedGoat1496d ago

One reason I didnt get diablo 3 is because of how mundane clicking got in Diablo 2. I was happy to wait for a direct control version.

CorndogBurglar1496d ago

The controls are actually very different. On PC you have point and clicm to move and attack. On consoles you have full control of your character with analog. Console even has an evade feature with the right sticm that PC doesn't have.

It may nit seem like a big deal, but it actually makes the game much more at home, believe it or not.

Corpser1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

The Ps4 version feels like it's made for ps4 lol

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pornflakes1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

i did 55% of the trophys already over one weekend, easy going. It runs very good on the PS4. Looks the same as on a high end PC. EDIT// My neighbour got this game last saturday for PS4

I played 500 hours on the PC version but i like to play it on more on console. You can chill on your couch instead of sitting in front of your display with a mouse and keyboard.

As for D3 i will choose the xone version but only because of the controller.

This game makes so addictive, after 5 hours of playing i am getting cramps due to the DS4 stick positions

N4Gpower1496d ago

Diablo III Feels Like It Was Made For Xbox ONE

marlinfan101496d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I had never played a diablo game before so I decided to pick it up and ive been loving it.

Elda1496d ago

I agree! having fun again playing it on the PS4.Don't understand what idiot would disagree with you for making a honest statement on how you feel about this game.There are some real miserable people on this site.

mezati991496d ago

what's with the salty xbox fanboys here?

Budobear1496d ago

I'm not sure, if they had bothered to read the article they would know why it had that title and also know that it had been changed!!
But, you know, any reason to rage.

Perjoss1496d ago

I think they are just generally a bit pissed off because the xbone is less powerful and is not selling as well as the PS4.

Plus there's that whole thing where they were blatantly lied to by Microsoft when they said that Kinect was integrated into the system and it wasn't possible to remove it, but then they removed it.

moegooner881496d ago

So many Xbox fanboy tears, it is rather sad.

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