Wii Move confirmed - developed by ex EA, Rockstar staff

After breaking the news of a mysterious video to appear on YouTube earlier, Balance Board Blog has learned that Wii Move is indeed a real game, and is currently in the works by Pherosoft, a group of developers made up of ex-Electronic Arts and Rockstar North employees.

It aims to put an "unexpected slant" on Balance Board use and is slated for release in Q4 2008.

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Darkiewonder3811d ago

How surprising. :\

It most certainly will be a collective mini game using the Balance board. Nothing more. Thanks Nintendo for paving the way for developers.

cooke153811d ago

your insight is amazing :| you got all that from a very weird and cryptic video?

Darkiewonder3811d ago

It uses the balance board and titled "Wii Move". what are the odds of it being a "real" game? come on now.

BrotherNick3811d ago

It is a game, deal with it.

RecSpec3811d ago

At first glance I thought it said Wii MOVIE confirmed.

That would have been interesting.