5 Epic Games that are to be released in September, 2014

As most of us know Star Drove one was a space Empire building game in which player builds his large empire in space and fight with other factions and pirates in an immense space and galaxy battles. Star Drive 2 Will have 9 factions excluding pirate factions etc.

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gamerguru1111310d ago

lol are you curious on release date or its in Epic list :D

700p1310d ago

fifa is one the most popular franchises out there. Doesnt shock me that its on the list.

Relientk771310d ago

I'm all for Stronghold Crusader 2

definitely a fan of medieval RTSs

ThanatosDMC1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I just hope they dont fail us as bad as Stronghold 3. I bought it on release and was sadly disappointed of all the missing features.

I'll buy this immediately too. Love Firefly and their games.

EDIT: Never saw it on steam. Looks like Stronghold 2 with updated graphics... and I'm fine with that.

3-4-51310d ago

Graphics look really good too.

matt1391310d ago

1. Destiny
2. Forza Horizon
3. Fifa 15

guitarded771310d ago

Yeah, Destiny is the big dog next month. Forza Horizon will be fun too. I guess this list in the article is for PC because they overlooked those two games. I love it when PC elitists go off about consoles sucking... but they're missing out on some awesome games.

Seafort1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

That's not PC gamers fault we aren't getting Destiny but Bungie's

They didn't want to support the only future proof platform and it's their loss.

They wanted to support 2 consoles (PS3 & X360) that won't be around in 10 years which is Destiny's time frame.

To me that's more idiotic than Microsoft buying timed exclusivity of Tomb Raider to go to 2 consoles that aren't much into the series.

uth111310d ago

Sims 4 is looking like a let down, probably shouldn't be on this list.

UnHoly_One1310d ago

Fifa, Sims, and 3 games I've never heard of.

But no Destiny.


TheMapleNerd1310d ago

Shame on you for not knowing Stronghold /s

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