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Despite being irredeemably awful, the show is strangely watchable (part of that may owe to the excellent animation and direction by superstar Sony division A-1 Pictures). The same cannot be said for this game.

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ValKilmer1190d ago

Ouch, another terrible JRPG?

novurdim1190d ago

another terrible reviewer.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1190d ago

It's actually pretty good, Hardcoregamers gives everything not CoD lower than 2.

3-4-51190d ago

yesterday this got a 4/5..

Hmmmm bit of a difference.

nope1111190d ago

Guess you don't see the other good scores right below us, ValKilmer, and this review started with a pure bias against SAO.

ValKilmer1190d ago

The translation seems absolutely terrible, though.

ndub3171190d ago

Screw this I have 60 hours in the game had it for 2 months. Don't listen to this reviewer. Its a great game

HentaiMasterRace1190d ago

Weird, every review has been excellent.

ndub3171190d ago

Because it is. This review is just bullocks.

TheGamez1001190d ago

Just started but loving it so far, ignore the review

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The story is too old to be commented.