GameStop offering PlayStation discounts this weekend

Upcoming PlayStation GameStop sale includes a PS4 bundle featuring inFamous: Second Son and a 3-month PlayStation Plus membership.

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Relientk771494d ago

That new wave blue Dual Shock 4 is looking good

traumadisaster1494d ago

Black Friday is in 3 months and I have 300 years of backlog so I will hopefully get a better online deal on BF or CM.

KarmaV121494d ago

Bf is only 5$ a month! Oh wait...

Flyingdog6701494d ago

Looks like im picking up my ps4 this week C:

CervantesPR1494d ago

a great deal with infamous free and 3 months of ps +

Muzikguy1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

There's some good deals on there! Too bad I have no $$ :/ That blue controller wants me, I just know it

Edit: someone will probably come in and say "must not be selling so they need a discount". I think this is great news, and if I didn't have a PS4 I'd jump on that deal. Good news for those that are waiting

Flyingdog6701494d ago

I think there has been so many good sales because stores are making room for that Destiny Bundle. This PS4 bundle from gamestop is the best one i've seen. Plus 20 dollars off on 1 year PS+? That's just too good to be true c:

Muzikguy1494d ago

It's the best one I've seen too. With a good game to boot! I haven't played that infamous game yet myself, but it has to be better than those other bundles (like Knack). I'd even get the Move but who knows if it'll be compatible with many games coming to the PS4. I don't think there's been a single one yet

DanielGearSolid1494d ago

They really can't say that after the 10mil announcement lol

Besides ppl said that bcuz X1 had a new promotion with GS like every week.

Not even WiiU got that support from GS

Muzikguy1494d ago

Yes I understand about the 10 million thing, but things get spun all the time around here. More sales is good news, that's all that matters to me. I'd be interested to see the sales from this

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1494d ago

Damn I just bought my Sony Gold headsets last week at GameStop for the full 100. Oh well. I got 90 bucks left in GameStop money but nothing in there is interest me.

wsoutlaw871493d ago

they have been 80 on amazon for a while

Claudinho691493d ago

give up gamestop, amazon finished your games.

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