Wii/Wii U confusion is still alive and well

"The following image comes from a German retailer. Nothing like promoting Mario Kart Wii under your Wii U banner. If only there were a Mario Kart game for Wii U."

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Relientk771431d ago

Nintendo really should have thought of naming it Wii 2, or just an entirely new name

BiggerBoss1431d ago

IMO it should've been something like the Mega Nintendo. MNES idk lol. They just need to get away from the "Wii" image entirely

traumadisaster1431d ago

My kindergarten twins are asking for a Wiiu, I tried to tell them we have a wii and that is plenty but they provided an attorney general, supreme court -level, argument contrasting the differences, all based on a few commercials they snuck in. No confusion here...

Big_Game_Hunters1431d ago

i agree that they need to just can the wii name, but not to mega Nintendo. Honestly they should just call their next system the NES.

migh_and_highty1431d ago

I agree, they havent historicaly stuck to the same naming conventions, but now they are with wii->wiiu and ds->3ds

lilbroRx1431d ago

Mega was already done by Sega(the real name of the Genesis was the Megadrive) and Ultra was also done by Nintendo for those who would want that(the N64's complete name was the Ultra 64) Super, Mega, Ultra and all that stuff were played out in the 90s.

They should have use the DS as the naming base since that is what console's design was based on. It should have been Split Screen System or something like that.

higgins781430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Yes, move away from the Wii image bright idea, Apple need to move away from the "i" image entirely. The Wii sold in the millions and shook up the face of gaming, and now you Nintendo want to ignore this small matter!? Once again, its not the name which is the problem - if indeed a 'problem' exists, it is as always the narrow-minded sheep which follow PR and heavy, heavy advertising.

Those who ignore or confuse the Wii U, more fool them.

BiggerBoss1430d ago

@higgins, yeah the Wii sold millions and "shook the face of gaming" but guess what? The Wii U isn't. At all. The casual market that the Wii attracted is gone, and Nintendo needs to move on with the times. If the "Wii" image was so cool and awesome, why isn't the Wii u flying off the shelves?

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lilbroRx1431d ago

No, they should have thought about naming it Wii nothing. The Wii name should have carried over.

LOL_WUT1430d ago

Their biggest mistake was including the Wii name in their console! Nintendo thought they had another hit by using a touchscreen like controller boy were they wrong. ;)

lilbroRx1430d ago

That was a typo. I mean to say "should not", hence the first sentence.

pcz1430d ago

the wiiu is a disaster, we all know that.

but it doesnt help that the employees in games shops often dont care about what they are selling. ie, they might only be interested in xbox but not playstation or nintendo. or vise versa.

many times i have gone into a major games retailer and asked for the latest release, only for them to have never heard of it, or claim the game doesnt even exist.

for example, i recently asked if they had Journey for the ps3 in stock. the guy claimed the game was PS network download only, but i know for a fact there was a retail release of a collection including journey.

d3nworth11430d ago

Not just the name but the way they market it. Wii U ads mostly show the controller.

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JuleyJules1431d ago

Nintendo should make sure retailers know and retailers should take time to research what they're selling. It's laziness on both parties imo. I do not get why it's so confusing. Whether it's a 'U', a '4' or 'One' three of these things are not the same as 'Wii', '3' or '360'!! simple things we learned in Sesame Street - 'One of these things is not like the other'!!! Get a clue!

NexGen1431d ago

It's not the retailers that are the main's the general public. Non gamers and non game shops have a perception issue here.

JuleyJules1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Retailers play a big part. I've gone in to many stores like Target in Canada and found Wii and Wii U games together under the 'Wii' banner and then separate ones for 'PS3', 'PS4', 'Xbox 360' and 'Xbox One'. They are NOT the same and the retailers should clue in to that fact! You don't need a doctorate to figure out that Wii and Wii U are two different systems! Online is another thing altogether - Amazon has Wii & Wii U things all mixed up. For example, Hyrule Warriors doesn't show up if you look at the Wii U bestsellers but if you look at Wii bestsellers it's #1 and then a bunch of other Wii U games are on the list. No wonder people are confused! Nintendo should do the searches like we do and get this sorted out.

colonel1791431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

You're are right. Somehow they can't figure out that the Wii U is a different console, but the same people know that Xbox One is the THIRD console.

However, the confusion might also be due to the high amount of peripherals and content that were called Wii [something] .

Also, what's going on at Nintendo? I understand that they wanted to keep riding the success of the DS and Wii with its successors, but the worst case here is the 2DS. That totally baffles me! You want to play a 3DS game in 2D? What about just turning the 3D effect OFF?! Did they really need to release another console? Which also confuses people, because there are some that think is another console entirely, and who can blame them? Nintendo naming ability is not very good this generation.

randomass1711431d ago

2DS makes a lot more sense to me than than Wii U's name. 2DS is cheaper and it's static like a tablet and more marketable for kids not just about turning off 3D. Wii U does not say a lot about the console so it creates more confusion.

higgins781430d ago

"Somehow they can't figure out that the Wii U is a different console, but the same people know that Xbox One is the THIRD console". Ha, lovely point.

Software_Lover1431d ago

Should have named it Revolution.

Paprika1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

I love Nintendo..... but this is the least of Nintendo's worries. You can't find Wii u in any of my supermarkets, period!

Luckily, our game retailers just about get it right for Nintendo, lol!

wonderfulmonkeyman1431d ago

Whether they should or shouldn't have named it differently is sort of unimportant right now; they can't change it mid-cycle without making things worse.

What they need right now is proper advertisement efforts and maybe a new campaign with a catch-phrase that people will relate to the Wii U and not the Wii.

"Come Get U Some" comes to mind...

Summons751431d ago

They should cut their gamescon trailer manage into segments and get those on TV. Trailer was awesome and showed off some great games.

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