Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare releases for PlayStation

Previously released for Xbox and PC, Popcap Games' Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is now available for PlayStation 3 and 4.

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URNightmare1461d ago

Oh this is one of those Xbox timed exclusives, right?

Ok, then...

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Thatguy-3101461d ago

I say just wait for it to reach PS+. Destiny is just around the corner.

SoapShoes1461d ago

I just got it today. I thought it was a nice getaway from serious shooters. It's not profound but it's different so that's fine with me. Another Xbox exclusive bites the dust!

1461d ago
SoapShoes1461d ago

There'll be far less of that on PS4 than Xbox 1. Outlast, Warframe, etc all on Xbox second. Doesn't make it worse or even a bad thing. However, by your logic X1 is full of owners who don't mind sloppy seconds.

TheRealHeisenberg1461d ago

And there it is. Forget that the game is fun. The thing that matters most is that Xbox lost another exclusive and we finally get the definitive version on PS4. Feels great to be a gamer doesn't it? Nevermind, I'll see myself out.

1461d ago
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3-4-51461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

This game is awesome. So much better than I thought it would be. Just got an XB1, but I'd recommend everyone with a PS4 pick this up if you like fun shooters.

The most fun I've had with a shooter in years.

I liked it much more than Titanfall or COD:Ghosts, if that matters at all.

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PaleMoonDeath1461d ago

This is actually the only game I truly wanted from the early Xbox exclusive batch, has that Worms charm, and I need something fresh after playing TLOU online for the past two weeks.

Just checked, it's actually quite cheap! consider it snagged for my gaming habits.

XtraTrstrL1461d ago

Yeah, anyone not willing to dish out for it now might be willing to pay $30 for it a few months down the line though. Cuz I notice it's already $10 cheaper on X1 now on Amazon.

Heisenburger1461d ago

I have been having an absolute blast with it. Same thing for me having been playing TLoU hardcore since it came out. It's the breathe of fresh air that I needed.
I've died a lot, and not once did I ever get close to being mad. It's quite charming.

Ignoring my whiny post below, while there is no party system in the game, it is manageable. However another issue is that you can't see your friend's name unless your are really really close to them. Which makes working together impossible. What makes me nervous is that this game was out for Xbox for a while, and these issues are still here, leading me to believe that they will never fix them. I would stil recommend it. And if you don't plan on playing with friends I could 100% recommend it.

DonDon1461d ago

Is there a split screen option?

ChronoJoe1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

They will say it was because PS4 consumers weren't interested in their game, when this doesn't sell.

But after shafting PS4 consumers, and then picking a release date next to Destiny, one wonders why they have bothered.

I will probably buy it soon as it looks fun, but I'm fully expecting it to be dead online shortly after launch, which is a shame. The largest disappointment is that it doesn't have competative split screen, split screen is only available for the co-op mode.

PaleMoonDeath1461d ago

The average gamer doesn't visit these sites, or even know this game is about to be released on PS4, they simply see it in shops and think "This should be for the kids!" so it will make money for sure dude.

I'll play it for as long as it's fun, much like DayZ I watch countless videos getting myself hyped until I have it for myself, never heard anyone (that I know personally) say anything bad about the game, seems like a very good snatch for sure.

ChronoJoe1461d ago

Even the average gamer has games like Destiny lined up though. Don't you think? I mean the game has over 1m preorders, it's attracted more than just those like us, that frequent sites like this. Surely that is going to effect sales of other titles near its launch window.

Also I don't mean it won't sell at all, I just mean it will underperform. It's a good game, but it won't meet expectations on PS4.

Kiddcarter1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I wanted this game when it first announced and I'm glad it's finally on the console I own, very fun and well worth the money, plants do seems a little underpowered to me though

Stapleface1461d ago

Plants are far from underpowered. They have some of the strongest attacks.. Chomper 1 hit kills though slow, Sunflower- stupid strong beam of death with extreme range with the best dps in the game.. Pea has some variants with OP direct and splash damage, see Berry Pea, and Plasma Pea.. And that Sombrero beam bomb is super strong can kill 4-5 enemies at a time. Zombies are just as powerful once you get good with them. A good All Star player can wreck some plants with long punt and ultra tackle equipped. All of them seem pretty equal to me, and this has shown in the games I have played where it seems team skill will be the determining factor for victory in all of the game modes.

Kiddcarter1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Well I guess for my style of play the plants seem under powered, I tend to do far better with the zombies. While playing with the zombies today I hit double digit vanquish repeatedly, but when it was my teams turn to play as plants I would do 2 or 3 at most, but like I said its more than likely my play style. And I agree with you on the all star, he's my favorite zombie to use right now, especially after earlier today, when I took out 5 plants in a matter of seconds by dashing at two sunflowers who were standing together, then punting the gimp at some other plants behind them, I've been using him non stop since

TheRealHeisenberg1461d ago

This game is fun as hell folks. I have it on 360 to play with my sons. I may pick it up for PS4 as well.

Stapleface1461d ago

Agree for sure. My son and I have play this quite a bit. I wish there was split screen on the pc version, but we just pass the controller back and forth. I didn't know it was coming for ps4 or I might have waited. Though I'm not mad I didn't as we have had a lot of fun.

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