Delaying Hellraid Was Worth It | TGH

Vaughn Highfield of TheGamersHub writes:
"When Dead Island developer Techland said they’d be bringing out the eagerly-awaited expansion ‘Project Hell’ as a full-title called Hellraid, I was both intrigued and worried. What had changed to make them feel that it could no-longer exist as an aside to their zombie slaughter? And why were they aiming to raise the bar so high and create an ambitious Elder Scrolls meets Dead Island title? Then, to raise the worry-meter (yes, I’m calling it that) even higher, the project was delayed from its initial 2014 release until 2015. But why? What happened? And, more importantly, what’s changed?

Well, a lot actually. For one, things have been rebuilt in Chrome Engine 6 – the same engine that the fantastically fun Dying Light is built in. Thanks to this engine change, Hellraid is looking gorgeous, those lofty aspirations of Skyrim-like vistas and dungeon sprawls seem believable now."

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joab7771463d ago

My only concern about tech land games are glitches. Hopefully there aren't that many. Interesting how they are able to make two huge new IPS simultaneous.

stormswrath1463d ago

I'm looking forward to Hellraid but I hope it's not too linear. I'm already getting Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher so if it turns out to be linear then I'll wait till I can get it for like 20 or 30 bucks.