Beyoncé Two Souls Is Finally a Real Thing

Sometimes, the planets align and the universe gives you a perfect idea. Like Beyoncé Two Souls. Now it's going to made into a real game.

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choujij1216d ago

This is better than Bed, Bath and Beyonce.

PinkEye1216d ago

I wouldn't mind going to bed or a bath with Beyonce. So no, I must say it is not better!


crxss1216d ago

Hope Jay-Z is playable

ABizzel11216d ago

LMFAO, didn't see the Beyonce. LMAO

badboyz091215d ago

Fans must want this to become a real thing.

PinkEye1216d ago

Also I think this is fake because in powernoids official press release, they say:

"Prepare for a media shitstorm of excitement."

I doubt a legit company would say something so studid.

The press release can be found on gamasutra (I can't believe gamasutra and game trailers is giving this game the time of day, as the very same "art" used for this "game" is 100% the same as what was used in parody art for Beyonce:Two Souls that was made a long time ago.

Here's the bullspit press release:

legionsoup1216d ago

THAT'S why you think this is fake??

Wedge191216d ago

I've gotten TONS of press releases that say some crazy things in them. Deep Silver's press releases are hilarious!

Thatguy-3101216d ago

Wait are they really serious O.o? DAMN YOU KARDASHIAN!!!!!!

CloudRap1216d ago

Wow just when you think you've seen it all.....

Cloudberry1216d ago

"An error occurred."


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The story is too old to be commented.