Xbox One Exec On Sales Figures: Initial Messaging Wasn’t Clear, Lack of Standalone SKU Was A Factor

Microsoft India’s Anshu Mor talks about the messaging behind the initial Xbox One package and the status of the Kinect-less SKU.

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Software_Lover1429d ago

I think the message really screwed them over.

But I'm not a stockholder so I don't care about sales of either.

amiga-man1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Oh gamers saw your message alright and thought screw that

Mr Pumblechook1429d ago

It takes a Indian Microsoft executive to speak with a bit honesty.
Better than that Major Nelson PR talk where he always pretends that the sun is shining.

bouzebbal1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

but they seemed and sounded so confident and proud of what they were saying.
next time they should listen to critics in early stages cause there is no way around now, survival is what they'll be aiming for.

xHeavYx1429d ago

The message was not cler, yes, but I have problems with this quote, "Not many people were able to understand why they should pay more for a Kinect experience, although there are enough and more reasons why they should pay."
That's bull, it's like saying "we did everything right, but you did not understand us", but in reality, Kinect doesn't do much for gaming (if you disagree please tell me all about those great Kinect games you've been playing that integrate Kinect so well) and it's used mostly for voice command.
The option of the Kinect-less bundle should have been a no-brainer for these people

ThePope1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

@Mr Pumblechook

4 Awesome exclusives coming out this year plus 2 betas. From where I and all X1 owners are sitting the sun is shining. And that's not PR.

rainslacker1429d ago

Yeah. People not liking the message isn't the same as the message not being clear.

I believe, more often than not, what people don't like is because of the message, or the lack of full disclosure, but that wasn't the case with the X1 reveal.

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SilentNegotiator1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

"But I'm not a stockholder so I don't care about sales of either"

I'm a gamer and ps4 owner, so I care. More sales, more support.

edit: "Not necessarily, if you're Nintendo that is"
Overall slowest selling system, least amount of third party support. Not a surprise, not a conspiracy.

Software_Lover1429d ago

Not necessarily, if you're Nintendo that is.

I honestly think the media and publishers, for some reason, want to get Nintendo out of the hardware game.

I own a ps4 also. I currently don't have an XBone because I sold mine so I could buy the white bundle. I know you find it hard to believe since you constantly label me because I don't kiss the @$$ of Sony for every little thing they do. I criticize both. I applaud both.

CloudRap1429d ago

Not so much the message as the GPU I would argue, the fact is if the xb1 was the more powerful console, sales would be radically different.

Software_Lover1429d ago

I don't even believe that and I have stated it many times.

Blaze9291429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

"Initial Messaging Wasn’t Clear"

and it still isn't. That no used game thing really hurt them and it's sad I run into people who STILL don't know they removed that. They STILL think the Kinect is for the NSA. They STILL think it can't do 1080p.

Xbox One has really evolved since launch and the fact that we're only ~1 year in is amazing. They just need to reorganize the marketing.

Kinect Fitness for example - i don't think ANYONE really knows about that. All MS had to do was get Michelle Obama on board and done. 1:1 with her fitness agenda in the United States.

There are just so many things Xbox One does, that people have no idea about or even how to use and I think MS just needs to find a better way to let people know that.

When it comes to games and if that's all you care about, sure go for PS4. But as far as features and everything you can do with Xbox One - it sweeps the floor with the basic features PS4 still doesn't have.

Samsara821429d ago

Yeah i agree with the fact that a lot of features are not shown or not talked about for the xbox one...I guess having too many features can be a problem as to what you want to show to your's better they simply show the content that made the first consoles great and let people discover the great other features... I personally love technology so I know everything there is to know about the console but I get always surprised that friends of mine that have the xbox and don't even know half of the functions of the console...

Blaze9291429d ago

@Samsara82 - exactly. I started to separate the gamers from the tech enthusiast then things started to make sense.

BX811429d ago

The messaging and the price point hurt ms bad.

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jimjam34421429d ago

even with a standalone i would not have bought one,
all the drm and 180's about poilicy made me uneasy, if they can change it to somthing we like that easy, then they can also turn that around and bring back all that bs, that easy.

tgunzz1429d ago

I forgave their missteps long before launch, and I have been enjoying my xb1 since day 1 purchase... Game on

jimjam34421429d ago

to each his own man, i hope you dont end up regretting that decision. PROTIP: dont trust Microsoft. my dad has been so screwed by that company, as have i. i once bought a 12 month gold subscription way back before games with gold, one month later my account gets hacked (and major nelson once had his account hacked so dont say it was my fault) so i call support. "nope sorry our service cannot be breached, i suggest next time you be more careful with who you give your password to, thanks for calling microsoft customer support, is there any other way i can bend you over today?"

tgunzz1429d ago

Protip: don't trust any company my gaming friend. I have been gaming for quite some time, and have been fortunate to own every console (with today's big 3). I never regret any of my gaming purchases (they are for my enjoyment period). I have experienced nothing in this world without flaws, or issues, and most are correctable. What goes on in gaming doesn't even scratch the surface of what I have seen, and been through. Respect.

truegamerkt1429d ago

No the message was clear, people just didn't like the message.

RiPPn1429d ago

Agreed, don't know why they can't grasp that, there was no wording that would have sold the original vision.. it was a turd, and you can't shine a turd.

Bathyj1429d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. They act like it was some lack of understanding on our part. Oh we got it dude. We just ain't buying it.

Figuratively or literally.

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