Developers want to work for Valve more than they want to start their own studio

The International Game Developers Association asked its members where they want to work, and most said they'd like a job working for the Half-Life company.

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Sadie21001495d ago

I want to work at Valve more than I want to live in my tiny studio.

ColManischewitz1495d ago

Ah, they just want help with Dota 2, I bet.

midnightambler1495d ago

I bet it's awful there really. They only show us what they want us to see ;)

TheShrew1495d ago

I would hate to be under such tight lock and key. I feel like Valve would have me shot if I tweeted the wrong thing.

Axonometri1494d ago

nope not right now... wait can I telecommute and stay in where I'm at?

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