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"If you have ever played the board game Operation and felt bad about being a poor substitute for a real doctor while operating on some poor man’s insides and enjoyed it, you would do well to play Surgeon Simulator. It makes you laugh and cringe and curse all at the same time, and that’s quite a worthwhile experience for a smaller PSN game." - PSLS

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Wedge191459d ago

And the header picture is just on the tooth surgery! Wait til you crack open this guy's ribcage or rip out his intestines!

guitarded771459d ago

I got it on Steam a long time back... the controls can be so frustrating, but the game is fun enough to make up for it. I may get it on PS4 just to play it with a controller.

dbjj120881459d ago

I'm gonna have to pass.

novacav1459d ago

Best thumbnail evarrr.

sweendog1459d ago

I like choice and I love indies but this is scraping the barrel. Is it free on android?

Kiddcarter1459d ago

You have no clue what the hell your talking about do you?

modesign1459d ago

is the sequel going to be proctology simulator

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