The Last of Us 2 Is Better Off Using New Characters

Naughty Dog truly crafted a masterpiece that will continue to set the standard for interactive storytelling in games but are they finished with Joel and Ellie’s story? I think so. What more could you do with them?

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-Foxtrot1498d ago

It's really not

They've built up two wonderful main characters in the first game and they gave off the impression that a plot point at the end of the game will come back to bite their relationship in the ass in the sequel.

Why bring in new characters, I really feel we have so many good characters in this game that we need to know more about before adding new ones.

I really think Sony should consider getting another talented studio to work along key people at NaughtyDog so they can make a spin off Last of Us game which would be a collection of short stories telling us characters backstories.

Tess, Marlene, Bill, Frank, David, Tommy and hell even Joel during the 20 year gap or even if it's someone like Marlene what they did on their way to the Hospital.

ShugaCane1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

The ending to Elie and Joel storyline was perfect on its own. What comes next is up to people's interpretation and imagination.

The best thing (to me) would be new characters in another place of the states (or of the world), who eventually cross pass with older Ellie and Joel in the middle of the game or near the end, when you don't expect it at all. Tears of joy.

jimjam34421498d ago

no, this game was barely up to interpretation,

Facts: ellie might be the cure, joel doesnt want to lose her so he kills marlene hospital staff to save her for his own selfish needs.

ellie either knew that she was the only one, and people were still trying to find a cure (interpretation 1) and let joel lie.

or she didnt know and was legitimately asking him for the truth
(interpritation 2).

so in reality, not much is left to interpret, we as the player know what and why he did it.

i mean come on people, the last of us was a great game but dont kid yourself, this game is juuuust barely left to interpretation.

ive got to say, i loved the last of us, [email protected] incredible game. but seeing all the fanboys just praise it to no end, completely ignoring the flaws kinda makes me wonder if ND have really Earned the nickname Naught Gods.

and as far as i know amy hennig was responsible for making ND what they are today, seems like niel and bruce jumped in and amy got screwed. if ND is really the greatest company then why leave? even as few as 3 departures should be taken as a sighn of a power struggle within ND LEAD BY BRUCE AND NIEL, (srry for caps lock was an accident).

ShugaCane1498d ago


"What would I have done if I was Joel ?" is what's left to interpretation. And that's not a simple thing to answer.

jimjam34421498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

thats rediculous, that viewpoint of interpretation exists in every book, movie, game,... aspect of life.

thats a pretty rediculous thing to say as a counter point to all my very good points.

try again.

the sopranos series finale is the best example of left to interpretation,
straight cut to black, thats left to interpretation, tlou is barely.

and we cant change what joel did, we can only analyze what he did and why, but we know why, really, the whys belong to ellie.

Mr Pumblechook1498d ago

I'd like to see a The Last of Us 2 with new characters.

Then The Last of Us 3 with Joel and a more mature Ellie.

RebelWAC1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I also support the concept of new characters. Playing someone from a post event perspective would be awesome.

However, Ellie is such a powerful and loveable character so playing her as a grown up in the next installment feels kinda inevitable.

It might also kill one Xbox one exclusive while at it /jokes

ABizzel11498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )


Completely agree, the addition of new characters open more storyline possibilities and shows us how people had to cope with the outbreak differently.

We know Joel's past, and IMO TLoU2 should be a completely new duo, while the DLC can feature Joel and Ellie for a change of pace and character.

We have 2 wonderfully crafted characters, why limit Naughty Dog from making more, and further advancing plot through the needed relationships to survive in this world?

Joel and Ellie cameo are a must, but new main character(s) would be more beneficial to the overall game, giving us a brand new adventure and outlook on someone trying to survive in this world.

And again they can have a 3 part DLC that can focus on the history of Joel, the outcome of the events from the first game, and how it effects the now.

GamingSinceThe80s1498d ago

I just played the "Left behind" dlc on the remastered PS4 game and man was it good!I found my self sucked right back into that world.They did it right by making it a prequel/fill in the blanks of the main story instead of adding anything after the credits rolled.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I'm shocked by peoples opinion on this. I thought a sequel with Ellie and Joel was just obvious.

It ends leaving so many unanswered questions as to what happens next. Ending left me feeling pretty empty and wanting a shit load more.

BattleTorn1498d ago

That'd be CRAZY!!

A new duo from TLOU2, then end with them bumping into Joel and Ellie!!


I think TLOU ending was perfect, and should NOT be expanded upon. (directly as a sequel)

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Dualshockers_Carlos1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

@foxttrot wouldn't that just be a glorified DLC package? Kind of what they did with Left Behind.

-Foxtrot1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Not really...all those characters would amount to a lot of chapters. They would be a collection of short stories which would amount to a full on game.

5 for Tess (Before Outbreak, During Outbreak, With Joel)

5 for Marlene (Before Outbreak, During Outbreak, With Fireflies)

5 for Bill/Frank (Before Outbreak, During Outbreak, work with Tess)

5 for Tommy/Joel (Just after Sarah you know...and through the years untill they part)

Maybe one or two for David

Seems pretty good to me

Visiblemarc1498d ago

I think the 20 year gap could be interesting...

...but I firmly believe the game should jump forward to when Ellie is the age of Joel in TLOU or something like it. Probably long after Joel is gone.

That way they can explore Ellie's long dormant feelings about the adventure they shared, by being placed into his shoes.

Would have a huge emotional impact even just seeing what the decades have done to Ellie. I can only imagine what could come out of leveraging her memories.

Game0N1498d ago

I like this idea. I think that if any characters should return, it would have to be Ellie and only her. There is potential for a lot of good drama with her dormant feelings as you said and memories of Joel and after their journey. Very good stuff.

KyRo1498d ago


What I don't get is that some people really think life was happy ever after when Joel and Ellie reached that small village at the end of the game? Anything could of happened at the end of the game and is pretty much left wide open.

Maybe my minds a little jaded as I haven't yet finished the Remaster since my first play though on the PS3.

-Foxtrot1498d ago

I personally believe that because of Ellie being the cure man kind has been seeking the military or the Fireflies will come looking for her.

I could easily see the start of the sequel being set a few years later and the intro of the game will show a massive attack on the small town by either the military or the Fireflies in search of Ellie.

This is when the lie will come out and Ellie will most likely run away upset with Joel only to either get captured or run away on her own leading Joel on a trip to find her before the others.

CloudRap1498d ago

I dont think it would be believable to be honest, if theres one thing I enjoyed about Joel and Ellie was that they felt like they were just two regular people who were a victim of circumstance not some invincible space marine, or treasure hunter, making a sequel would devalue the original story especially if its the same characters again.

TGF_Zero1498d ago

@KrimzonSnow I wholeheartedly agree, a sequel would indefinitely hurt the realistic nature of the previous characters. This event happened to these people and the end, thats life. Move on to the next experience.

iamnsuperman1498d ago

But the world is bigger than just those people. Joel and Ellie's story really ended with the first game. It was never about the end goal but the relationship they built up over time. That was the story and that story should be left there.

Brazz1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

We need new characters, but we can't just let Joel and Ellie go, they need be in the game...

I think they need to explore the other side more, the people that wants to kill Ellie to save the world...

think in this, parts in the game...

1º) the new characters, people that lost everything like Joel, and want to save the world, people that go after grown up Ellie.

2º) Joel try to protect Ellie, but she discover Joel's lies and now she wants to try to save the world sacrificing her own life for a cure...

3º) joel go and try to save Ellie, but dies... Ellie is whit Joel and Joel convinces Ellie not to sacrifice.
Ellie passes to have doubts about the intentions of the new characters, Joel sacrifice opened her eyes. She flees promising Joel the she will fight to stay alive, she would not throw out the chande to live that Joel gave her. (ellie goes looking for a new healing and live life for her and joel accompanied)

Last of Us 2 > Ellie main character, and a shocking and epic death for Joel that fight for what he belives!

LazyGoron1498d ago

You know how often I thought about Joel/Ellie after the end of TLOU? A hell of a lot more than I've thought about other gaming characters. That's a testament to the perfect ending of that game. And yes it is perfect, that doesn't mean it's "final".

It's amazing how simple things like how he called his daughter "babygirl" and then towards the end of the game he begins to call Ellie that. I find this fascinating in that you almost see Joel go from:
1) Cold - doesn't talk about past, keeps to himself, quiet, indifferent to Ellie
2) Caring and considerate - opens up to Ellie, bonds with her, (especially true after Tommy's) (TO ME, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME JOEL AND ELLIE'S RELATIONSHIP IS HEALTHY/GENUINE)
3) Obsessive and selfish - calls Ellie "babygirl", seems to become obsessed with what Ellie is to him as opposed to her being her own person

I could go on but the fact that we're able to see changes in two main characters like this that lead to an ambiguous ending is amazing to me and is what makes the game. I am able to think about how Joel was selfish, but then, was he really? There were others who were immune (12 precisely) and they all died/failed. Was Ellie worth it if she was the only one? Maybe, but not if the rail rate was 12/12 so far.

So many layers... was Ellie ok with Joel lying? Did she know? I can guess she knew but I don't know and it makes me wonder...

That's why the ending is perfect.

RebelWAC1498d ago

Yes in the same way Ellie goes from happy, in need of no other then Joel in order to feel safe to worried to live a lonely life losing people she care for back to back..

She's going to be very vulnerable as life goes on in that universe..

BattleTorn1498d ago

Ellie obviously had her suspicions that more went on that Joel lead her on to believe.

But I think she was OK with that.

She was OK with the fact that he came to the conclusion that her giving up her life then involved more than just herself.

... their relationship.

user65409481498d ago

No. Just let the perfect ending be as is. It's so haunting. If it continues, for any reason, you devalue the power of that dismal ending. People with no imagination can't learn to let a story live on in their heads...

-Foxtrot1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

You seem to underestimate NaughtyDog...if they do a sequel it's not going to ruin the ending.

I think people are really over exaggerating this. The ending is sequel worthy.

Because I have a lot of imagination it's the reason why I want a sequel because I have so many ideas for it excited me to see what ND will do.

assdan1498d ago

I would like an unrelated story, or Ellie and Joel being pursued by the fireflies. With you playing as one of them. That could be a very interesting story.

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MarquiseGT1498d ago

I disagree. Add a new objective to the story and a couple new main characters and you're good to go

Game0N1498d ago

thats probably the way to go. it's such a rich world.

iamnsuperman1498d ago

The first one's objective wasn't the thing that drove the story forward. It was the building of the relationship between Ellie and Joel. The objective was just a means to make them go somewhere. How would that work in a sequel. The Last of Us was never about the ending but the journey both character took to get there. That story arch is done. It is better and easier to go somewhere completely new with a new set of characters

marioJP871498d ago

I highly disagree. I want to see how the world around Joel and Ellie become as they've bonded.

TearsOfARapper1498d ago

It'd be like making an Inception 2... just don't ruin the perfect openness and shock of the ending. It'd definitely have to be different characters. I'd even be interested in the plot being about the father and his son (Sam and Henry I believe?) leading up to their meeting of Joel and Ellie before the son is killed and the father kills himself.

Game0N1498d ago

That would be too hard to watch, let alone play. I would be crying the whole time knowing their fate.

danny8181498d ago

the beauty of a post pandemic world is that they can make 2 new characters in the same world but different scenerios

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