No EASHL or GM Connected for NHL 15 on current gen systems?

EA Sports is gearing up to release the next iteration of the NHL series. NHL 15 is set to be a big title for them, but missteps could cost dearly.

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MitchellK1499d ago

If this is true, I'm probably going to pass on this years game. EASHL is the main reason I buy the nhl games.

MaxwellBuddha1498d ago

I've just about had it with this retard Ted Schwerzler and his stupid site.

mochachino1498d ago

I'm cancelling my pre-order. That's my most important feature.

jukins1498d ago

damn im beginning to think this is true EA has yet to clarify this and if the achievements are anything to go buy then this is a very very bad decision by ea. They even had an extra year to get the franchise up and running on ps4 and xb1.

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