Halo is back. Pro gamers give their verdict

Following the Gamescom tournament, the BUK twins talk up Halo's return to the eSports scene.

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thereapersson1306d ago

My body is ready.

I'd own a One for this; I think many others will, too.

kopko1306d ago

Glad to hear they liked it

Magnus7011306d ago

Halo shrugs off COD changes and goes back to being Halo.

aviator1891306d ago

And I hope Halo 5 does the same. I do not want cod in my halo.

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tgunzz1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

All Hail to the chief!! I could see a xbox commercial showing LaBron playing Halo, Master chief playing with cleveland on 2k15 and they both look across at each other, and say welcome home king. That would be so incredible.... Game on.

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