Old franchises we want to see on the Playstation 3 has given a list of old franchises they want to see on the PS3.

"So what does the Playstation 3 need? Don't get me wrong the PS3 has a very strong line up this year with games like Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet being released and Metal Gear Solid 4 just released.

But what extra games would be good to see on the PS3? Lets bring back some old franchises."

Some of the franchises include:

* NiGHTS (PSN game)
* Twisted Metal next gen
* Syphon Filter next gen
* Legend of Legaia

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PoSTedUP3836d ago

i would like fighting force... wow theres too many.

what ever happened to dave mirra's bmx? that would be good.

give me all of them

Vino3836d ago

I want a true xenogears sequel not xenosaga, and Parasite eve 3 it has to like the first one.

DrWan3836d ago

Legend of Dragoon please