Dishonored 2 Release Date: Job Listings Point To 2015 Return To Dunwall

Arkane Lyon is hiring an Engine Programmer for an "unannounced" next-gen title that includes "first person" and "roleplaying" elements.

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ShugaCane1456d ago

Yes please. Dishonored is one of my favourite games from last gen. A sequel on PS4/One would be amazing.

700p1456d ago

Agreed. Im currently starting a new playthrough on dishonored atm and i cant wait till the next one!

LightDiego1456d ago

A great new IP from last gen, i really want a Dishonored 2, specially after Thief from this year, let's forget about that.

Lionalliance1456d ago

I do need to play this game...

-Foxtrot1456d ago


Really want to see Corvo return, he had design and everything yet no developer or voice. Was a little weird when Emily was trying to talk to him and it's like he was blanking her.

Roccetarius1456d ago

I hope they follow someone else instead of Corvo, someone from another island.

Genova841456d ago

I agree. Both Corvo and Daud's stories are wrapped up nicely. Emily could work as the lead too.

iNFAMOUZ11456d ago

meh it was average low, graphics are cell shaded, non realistic, everything was like a puzzle, and boring, hopefully, this is realistic non cell shaded.

Liqvid1456d ago

Clearly you do not know what cell shaded is. Dishonored did not have cell shaded graphics. It had slightly stylized graphics, which in my opinion was great looking.
I really want a sequel.

skulz71456d ago

The amount of shit in this comment is astonishing.

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