Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Stepping Down.

Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that Hiroshi Kawano, the current president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will step down from his position on August 31.

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tbone5671492d ago

Sony is forecast to lose billion at the end of this fiscal year so it doesn't surprise me.

Rimeskeem1492d ago

It could also be that working at such high positions for 29 years earned him a lot of money to retire.

700p1492d ago

Maybe he bought a xbox one.

danny8181492d ago

Lol nintendo has more money at this point

dantesparda1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

You dont care about facts eh? Just whatever you believe. Fact Sony has a 19 billion, Nintendo 16 billion. Yeah, Nintendo has more money.

And Tbone, is all you do is troll? Why are you so obsessed with Sony?

SoapShoes1492d ago

Bunch of Xbox fanboys clamoring over this I see. How anyone can agree with you is beyond me.

MegaRay1492d ago

Dont wanna your last bubble, hah kido?

Vurczi1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

It was already stated that he is retiring. So, it has nothing to do with sony losing money.

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Sh0ckWav31492d ago

Wow.. Must be nice to retaired at such a young age..

Syakinta1492d ago

Now Sony founder Akio Morita's nephew takes the position?
What does this mean?