Sony Has A New Feature Coming For The PS4 That's Going Bury The Xbox One

Amid all the exciting announcements coming out of last week’s Gamescom trade show in Cologne, Germany, Sony announced a handful of new features coming in its 2.0 firmware for the PlayStation 4.
And while firmware is rarely anything to get excited about, this particular update is different — because it will effectively help Sony put distance between itself and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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Majin-vegeta1492d ago

IMO this will be a great thing.Lets say you have a friend who has never played (insert game name)so he's curious about it.You allow him to play it.He ends up loving the game.Boom it could result in a new fan of the series plus another sale for the dev.

TheFutureIsBlue1492d ago

Yeah this will be awesome. Especially for some of my buddies who pick up a PS4 and want to try out Killzone or Resogun or any other game they might be interested in.

Abash1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

That feature actually convinced my sister to get the PS4. She is not a big gamer but has always loved them, she'll get a new console but hardly ever play the games she buys (which are few and far between).

When I told her about the feature she said she'll definitely get a PS4 and do Share Play with me whenever she feels up for playing a game, and I love that since we live far away from each other now and it'll be like we're playing some couch co-op sessions

mark3214uk1492d ago

why all the down votes? is that the xbots jealous of the new feature?

darthv721492d ago

Share play is a neat idea. Im just curious what kind of quality things will be like. you figure your PS4 is acting as a streaming host and your friend is tapping into it so there will need to be some requirements for the internet up/down speeds on both ends.

donthate1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


This feature is extremely easy to replicate especially considering the new consoles already buffer the video stream for video recording and twitch broadcast.

Sending your input over the internet to another Xbox One console is no more difficult than sending your input to the cloud which is already done on all multiplayer games (unlike PS4 which has P2P multiplayer in games like KillZone Shadowfall).

Those two existing features combine to become Share Play.

Let's vote it as a requested feature on Xbox One and it will appear there to soon enough. I vaguely remember MS talked about this feature as well was coming to Xbox One around the console reveal.

brads41492d ago

They would get bored and do something else before the game downloaded to their console. Everyone is forgetting that part of the problem.

BlackTar1871492d ago

@ Salty,

What does that have to do with Marks post?

ShinMaster1492d ago

@ YouAreSalty

I'm pretty sure you heard it from Sony first at their reveal.

@ BlackTar

He's explaining to 'mark3214uk' why he is being a jealous Xbot.

mike_honcho1492d ago

@mark yeah it's safe to say those are jealous disagrees.. but this feature is going to be amazing.. this is pretty much what I mostly use gamefly for ATM the moment so I don't have to shell out a bunch of money for a game I'm not into.. another feature I'm looking forward to is where someone can take over control of your game and help you through a tough boss or level your having trouble with.. that was one of the features said to be coming before the ps4 was launched and I'm really looking forward to it..

and @YouAreSalty.. you are salty

RioKing1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


"This feature is extremely easy to replicate."

Replicate??!! Micro$oft would NEVER do that! As for your name......that's what she said.

jspsc1231492d ago

why would anyone want to play killzone for a hour

ThePope1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Haha I love how people get down bubbles for trolling. But articles that troll. All good.

OT: MS was going to allow sharing of games with the initial design of the X1. You would install your game completely to the system and up to 5 friends could access it. Not all the details were fleshed out but that was the basic premise.

Don’t believe me look up the video of the unveiling.

And yes this absolutely could come to the X1 (and if its popular most likely will).

Alucard_4201492d ago


you said games,and you only pointed out Killzone Shadowfall. what are the other "game"s" I was wondering?.?

USA0071492d ago

@ brads4
There is no download, the game's owner streams the second screen to their friend. I believe only split screen games will work unless the owner just wants to watch the friend play.

The X1's initial sharing plan works totally differently. Two people couldn't play the game at the same time. Sony's takes advantage of the split-screen feature, and "virtually passing a controller." Both are great ideas, but are 2 different things

dedicatedtogamers1492d ago

I find it incredibly ironic that the main feature of the original restrictive Xbox One DRM (the fact that you could share your library with friends by just logging into Xbox Live) is now available on PSN and no DRM required.

BinaryMind1491d ago

@mark - They're probably jealous he has a sister who plays games with him.

mixolydian_id1491d ago

Can't say I'm that pumped about Shareplay.

It's another one of those features that people aren't asking for... but it's going to be done anyway because Sony have their own ulterior motives at the end of the day.

Share play...? Get your own game and we can play together instead

Alsybub1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )


Yeah, I can't see this feature being widely used in the long run. It sounds cool but when you think about it how many people would actually use it?

Of course there will be plenty of people wanting to play the games but how many people are going to be willing to repeatedly give up their console and play time to allow it? That will be its achilles heel. Not to mention that it's not too good on people's carbon footprint to use two PlayStations to play one game.

For this to be truly viable, and practical, friends would need to be able to download and play the game locally but that would require DRM, to ensure that only one copy of the game can be played at any one time and we know how gamers feel about that. That's the entire reason why it needs to be streamed from one system to another, to ensure that the disk is still in the possession of the sharer.

I suppose a slightly better solution would be to have the player download the game and play locally and have the owner's PS4 simply run a disc check to ensure the game is in the drive. This could even be done in a low power mode/standby. As well as being more efficient this would ensure that lag and other network issues wouldn't affect the player's experience.

As it stands it's an inelegant solution.

Lifendz1491d ago

It's definitely a clever way of getting someone to try a demo. I like this better than the idea of someone taking over the control for me and playing through a tough part like what they announced at the PS4 unveil.

Old McGroin1491d ago

@ dedicatedtogamers

"I find it incredibly ironic that the main feature of the original restrictive Xbox One DRM (the fact that you could share your library with friends by just logging into Xbox Live) is now available on PSN and no DRM required."

You do realise that DRM means the console would need to be online and that in order for Share Play to work the console would also need to be online? So it's pretty much the same thing. Ironic indeed.

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jimjam34421492d ago

devs who make games that are terrible are cringing right now.
no more duping good people out of hard earned money.
guess an unintended consequence is that devs will either skip releasing on ps4, or make this feature not work for thieir game, either way it kets us know that game was only going to sell through lying to consumers.

Godmars2901492d ago

No. This lets people who already paid for the game, let their friends play it via online for an hour. most who get fed up with that kind of arrangement are going to buy it themselves.

Likewise bad games will just more "advertised".

Hopefully though, given that you can apparently let others play any part of a game, it'll stop the trend of well designing the beginning of games. The part most reviewers will play to.

frostypants1492d ago

Pretty sure the game has to explicitly support this feature. I don't think it will automatically work with all games like some people seem to think. Hope I am wrong but it would seem to be a huge potential copyright conflict with the publishers if Sony just made it work with any published game.

jimjam34421492d ago

are you assuming i thought this was a demo service? cause i wasnt, i know it requires one person to have the game, but devs will turn this off so new gamers cant try it and not like it, (read that last bit slow) if they feel their game isnt very good, like aliens colonial marines, i ignored the 4's and 5's out if 10's and bought it anyway hoping it was gonna be just a case of, "i didnt grow up watching the movie so i dont care" it wasnt a case of that. but had i played it, i wouldve immediatley known. like 2 seconds in i was ready to go find randy pitchfords lying ass. i mean that game sold millions i think, which is a travesty.

Ju1492d ago

Quite the opposite, I guess. Some games get bad reviews but might still work for a difference audience. Now there is a higher chance to just try those out without taking the risk of getting burned which can actually turn out to be a good thing. Reviews are overrated and one mans opinion is often not the same as another ones.

harrisk9541492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


Pretty sure the game has to explicitly support this feature. I don't think it will automatically work with all games like some people seem to think. Hope I am wrong but it would seem to be a huge potential copyright conflict with the publishers if Sony just made it work with any published game.

Wrong. So, you should be happy!

"Additionally, Yoshida revealed that because SharePlay is simply taking the streaming feature and making your PS4 the server, all PS4 games past and present will support SharePlay."

Keith221492d ago

@Ju "Won't help. You still need a PS4 to play." immm I just said there is two in my house?

GribbleGrunger1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Sahre-play probably won't feature 'full screen' play for the person who's sharing your game (as seen in the reveal). Add that to the 60 minute restriction -- although you can initiate another 60 minutes immediately -- and you have a decent gaming experience to judge the game by but not an ideal situation if you want to play the game yourself. It's absolutely perfect and a killer app.

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Keith221492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Good when theres two PS4 in the house to.

Ju1492d ago

Won't help. You still need a PS4 to play.

Ju1492d ago

One can't read the other one can't reply :) (yeah, yeah, one is me...)

Sheikh Yerbouti1492d ago

I wonder if you can LAN into a Playstation TV or PS4 for a little Bedroom vs. Den Madden.

CloudRap1492d ago

Would have much rather had themes though.....(cries silently)

hudechek1492d ago

you have gotta be kidding...

SmielmaN1492d ago

While I think this new share feature is pretty awesome, I would love themes back too. I miss the customization options for everything. And dynamic themes.

lawgone1492d ago

I'd rather have themes too but to fanboys, that somehow sounds anti-Sony because it makes it appear what was in this article is not the greatest thing since sliced bread. And if you are a fanboy you MUST treat every new feature as the greatest thing ever.

slappy5081491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Im pretty sure themes will be supported in future patches, but right now for Sony getting shareplay out ASAP is definitely the priority. They can address themes later

Shadowolf1491d ago

Themes over SharePlay and gameplay uploads to Youtube, wow!

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Blaze9291492d ago

bury the xbox one? Lol these sensational headlines for Sony related topics are hilarious I swear.

But when MS was trying to launch Xbox One with Game Share everyone had a problem with it. Now we don't have that feature at all. I don't understand.

Meanwhile Xbox One has USB media and DLNA support already....(preview program)

Godmars2901492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Nevermind all the good of what family sharing would/will do for XB1?

Also feel the need to point out that Sony announced this feature when they first announced/showed off the PS4.

MasterCornholio1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

"But when MS was trying to launch Xbox One with Game Share everyone had a problem with it. Now we don't have that feature at all. I don't understand."

I'll help you understand but first let's break up your comment in two parts.

"But when MS was trying to launch Xbox One with Game Share everyone had a problem with it."

Let's not kid ourselves. People loved the idea of being able to share games with friends and family effortlessly. What they didn't like was Microsoft's draconic DRM policies that came with it. I'm sure you still remember all the fuss that lead to Microsoft dropping it in the end.

"Now we don't have that feature at all."

By we you mean Xbox One owners. Sony managed to implement their version of the family share plan without any crazy DRM policy attached to it. Microsoft could do the same thing but they want their previous DRM policies attached to it.

In conclusion people loved Microsoft's family share plan. Many of them believed it was the best feature that the Xbox One had. But the majority of them didn't like the restrictions that Microsoft imposed on physical copies to have it. Sony is doing something similar but without turning the system into a DRM box. That's the main reason why people are excited for this feature on the PS4.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.



Your right. I remember seeing Knack being shared played.

Ju1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Ahem...I share my games with my son all the time. You can only have someone with another account play your games on your activated PS4...but you can play your games with your account on PS4s without activating them. Works just fine.

Also...this "share" thingie is all built on Sony's streaming tech. Who ever plays with you plays it on your PS4 streaming to his/hers. Basically it's a private "Playstation Now" session - with multiplayer support.

Condemnedman1492d ago

Yep typical bloated headlines to feed the trolls

Still not made me buy a ps4 yet

Back-to-Back1492d ago

As usual the xbox faanboys forgot all the drm issues facing MS's new features. Short memory much?

GribbleGrunger1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Do you honestly believe that gameshare on the XB1 was real? Just give this a little thought: You are getting hammered by the press because of DRM and need a great way of changing the narrative from positive to negative. What could you possibly do to persuade them? You have a feature that COULD possibly persuade them, but you decide the best thing to do is keep that feature quiet and only tell people about it AFTER DRM is removed.

It was a crafty way of pushing that negativity onto the people that fought against DRM. Instead of seeing it as a victory for fair trading, it made it look as if those complaining had ruined it for everyone else. It worked for a while too, with many gamers almost begging for DRM to return. How easy it is to manipulate some people is remarkable.

It may be implemented at some point in the future, but prior to the dropping of DRM, it DID NOT EXIST. You've been fooled ... again. Green is the colour of naivety, envy and money. Everything MS promotes and everything MS represents.

Conzul1492d ago

At least the bone is getting .mkv support.

Should push PlayStation to do likewise.

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scootscottskeet931492d ago

Why in the hell are people disagreeing with majin?? Nothing he said there was wrong

brich2331492d ago

On Xbox One, my friend can play all my digital games for free at the same time while I'm playing and he can use his own profile while being 100 miles away or across the world.

xxjabberxx1492d ago

You can do this on the PS3 and PS4 since day 1.

Mystogan1492d ago

But you can only play for an hour...

This feature is cool but it's no big deal xD

Certainly not big enough to bury the Xbox one. Not even dent it. Xbox One right now has a lot more useful features.

Jaqen_Hghar1492d ago

please enlighten us. Useful features is not suspend/resume because a man's PS4 does that when he presses the PS button and turns the TV off (oh no a man has to spend 3 more cents on electricity that day!) and "snapping" is just a buzzword describing multitasking. PS4 can do that as you can simply click the PS button twice and it will switch between the other tasks. A man is sorry if you really wanna watch a movie and a game at once (because getting anything out of those two at once is definitely possible) but you gotta go back and forth lol

larrysdirtydrawss1492d ago

its a very cool feature,and a hour is plenty,not everybody plays for an hour at a time... im not sure you seen consoles sales,xone has been buried since the ps4 launched.

Codewow1492d ago

Isn't that what demos are for?

ravens521492d ago

The hour time limit was mentioned for far cry 4's ability to let a friend play. They didn't say there'd be a time limit for share play!!!!!!!!

700p1492d ago

"That's Going Bury The Xbox One" fanboy overload lmao

Sheikh Yerbouti1492d ago

Yeah, felt creepy clicking on the link.

SouthClaw1492d ago

People forget that Microsoft announced a similar feature when they originally announced the Xbox One when it was all digital. You could buy a game and let other people use it. Funny how people forget.

Antifan1492d ago

That good ole family sharing features. Too bad MS discontinued it because they had to get rid of their precious DRM plans.
Sony beat them to the punch.

DougLord1492d ago

MSFT was going to let you "lend" games, but they wanted to put DRM on it. The outrage over it and the required Internet check in is one (of several) factors that led to poorer sales vs PS4. Sony has stolen the idea, and modified it a bit so that while you don't have the DRM and Internet requirement, you can only do it with games you bought digitally. I would expect MSFT could do something very similar since they initially built the Xbone to do this.

rainslacker1492d ago

Sony announced Share Play at their reveal. I don't think they had a fancy name for it then. They even showed it in action playing Knack.

Has there been any confirmation that it's digitally only? From my understanding Share Play is only available when the original content owner is playing the game, but could be used with retail games as well. Basically someone else just takes over the game, it's not the same premise of what MS was doing at all.

Sony also allowed up to 5 people to share a digital game from day one on the PS3. They eventually changed it to sharing it with 2 people due to publisher pressure.

So, no, Sony didn't steal an idea and modify it at all. MS came out with their sharing after E3 when they couldn't find anything good to defend their DRM policies.

johndoe112111491d ago

Did you just have the audacity to say that sony "stole" that idea? Are you freaking serious?????? you know every time I see an article calling sony fanboys the worst fanboys ever I just laugh to myself.

Let me give you a little troll education:
That, by the way, was at the playstation reveal last year February, 2 MONTHS before the xbox one reveal. if anything I would say that microsoft took their idea and modified it.

Infamazdre1492d ago

This article is cute for now wait until Microsoft drops there share function where you can borrow full games as long as you want sorry but this ain't gonna bury anything

boing11491d ago

Yeah, let's see them doing that.

GordonKnight1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

This firmware update is 9 months too late!!!!!!

The console should've launched with the features this firmware will provide.


GordonKnight1492d ago

Will this be compatible with PlayStation TV?

boing11491d ago

I don't see why not. It's almost the same idea as Playstation Now, just from your console.

ChrisW1492d ago

As awesome as it sounds... How many people are actually going to utilize such a feature to its fullest extent on a regular basis?