Gears Of War intended to be like Battlefield, had mechs and class-based combat

Gears Of War wasn’t always the machismo, testosterone-fuelled third-person shooter that came to define the early life of the Xbox 360; it actually rose from the ashes of an unfinished Unreal game that had been in the works five years before Gears would see the light of day.

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donthate1458d ago

Day-1 for me as well, being a huge Gearhead!

SPAM-FRITTER-1231458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Remember last gens first new titles? They were amazing compared to this gens line up.

Gears, Uncharted,Viva pinata,Resistance,CoD 2,Condemned,Motor Storm,Amped,Perfect Dark:Zero....Now they were some awesome games. Just seems very generic these days.

DarkOcelet1458d ago

I am glad it became what it is today i remember the first battle with the enemy and that theme started it was awesome and the gameplay was really good and that final boss on insane , Raam was a nightmare . I wish the next gears is hard just like the first one .

gamesTM_dom1458d ago

“Gears started as a class-based Battlefield kind-of game,” explains Unreal Engine lead programmer, James Golding, “It had classes, mechs and it was going to be multiplayer focussed… that was until [Cliff Belszinski] played Medal Of Honour and he was like ‘no, single-player campaign is where it’s at!’”

Imagine how different it all would have been had Cliff not sat down and played Medal Of Honour one day. Crazy to think MoH - an average FPS at best, imo - shaped one of the best 3rd-person shooters on the market!

donthate1458d ago

Inspiration to create absolute perfection can come from anywhere!

CloudRap1458d ago

Lets hope Black Tusk brings this concept to life.

gamesTM_dom1458d ago

Do you think they should? Judgement was a damp squib, but the Gears formula worked for the first 3 games - I kinda hope Black Tusk deconstruct what made the first game so good and re-validate that for today. Mix that crunchy, satisfying gunplay with just enough story to keep you interested... and then put loads of epic setpieces together where you just shoot the s**t out of EVERYTHING

CloudRap1458d ago

Agreed I just think they need to change something major to keep it relevant , judgement wasn't a bad game so much as it was stale just like Halo Reach, and speaking of Halo, 343 seems to be tweeking the formula quite a bit, and I think Black Tusk should follow suit.

Nolando1458d ago

along with team based in your face squad deathmatch and you got gold!

BattleN1458d ago

Judgement tried it and flopped so no from me!

Petro1458d ago

Didn't anyone think that Gear of War would have been more like Unreal Tournament with classes instead of Battlefield.

wls10121458d ago

I've been playing the diet version of gears for a year now,so I'm super ready for the real thing, BRING IT

when I say diet version I mean the last of us

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