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1080p HD Footage of the Bloodborne demo at Gamescom 2014

Junkie Monkeys: Up until now we’ve only gotten off screen footage for Bloodborne. Well, now we have some new footage, except this time in crispy 1080p. (Bloodborne, gamescom, PS4)

Credit url: junkiemonkeys.com
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Enemy  +   221d ago | Well said
Omfg this looks incredible.

Edit: OH MY GOD @ 3:57. The other player looks so badass too
Edit again: That boss fight music and gore shower holy hell

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GribbleGrunger  +   221d ago
Have you seen the spider?


Get your rolled up newspapers at the ready!
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Enemy  +   221d ago
I didn't even notice that thing. We're gonna have to kill it, aren't we? After it kills us, of course, over and over.
WillGuitarGuy  +   221d ago
I have Raid in my left hand and my swatter in my right. I'm ready!
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GribbleGrunger  +   221d ago
Something has changed this generation and I can't can't put my finger on it. I'm just getting a PS1/PS2 vibe, and that's fantastic.
Stick89  +   221d ago

Games are starting to have a soul (no pun intended) to them again. I think dev's have gotten tired of just going over a checklist of items that some board members told them need to be in every game, and instead are creating games that they truly want to make. You can tell when a game has some actual TLC put into it.
Twiggy  +   221d ago
Oh, my, God.
xHeavYx  +   221d ago
Damn, that spider looks nasty.
I do wish the gameplay was a bit more fast pased, not slower like the Souls games
mikeslemonade  +   221d ago
It's a GOTY nominee. Only on PS4!
Bloodborn  +   221d ago
Never was I so excited about a game before, it has everything I could wish for. I'll download this footage to my phone and watch it when I'm feeling down (or horny :V)
ABizzel1  +   221d ago
Yaaaazzzzzz Yaaaazzzzzz,

Was that co-op against the wolves?

This game is giving me the ultimate Demon Souls meets Resident Evil 4 vibe. Can't wait.
hakeem0996  +   221d ago
So far this game just feels like a reskinned demon souls .probably wont buy it ,it will be free soon enough on ps plus
tontontam0  +   220d ago

you can say that to ANY game!!!

re-skinned Final Fantasy w/ different story
re-skinned COD w/ different story
re-skinned HALO w/ different story
Sevir  +   220d ago
OMG.... 😱 😱 😱 😱 Sweet Jesus this game will pry me away from Destiny. Laws have Mercy!!! The game painstakingly beautiful.

And the Cleric Beast at the end!!!

Hope they fix the camera... And OH MY GOD, THE CO-OP PLAYER THAT CAME IN AND ATTACKED THE WOLVES... I CANT WAIT FOR FEB 2015!!! Bloodborne is the biggest title of the month. Even with the Witcher 3, bat man and the order releasing that month.
Jughead3416  +   221d ago
Back-to-Back  +   221d ago
I knew this was a day 1 buy when I saw who directing this game. Cant wait for this game.
ForgottenProphecy  +   221d ago
oh man, this is the single game I'm looking forward to most coming out soon
DarkOcelet  +   221d ago
It looks much more beautiful and that atmosphere ... my 2015 goty .
Majin-vegeta  +   221d ago
@1:33 Hey b**** over here xD.

Cant wait for this.
The_Infected  +   221d ago
Who's the other player at 3:57 mark helping out? Anyways the games looks amazing. The setting, graphics, physics, and animations are top notch.
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Inception  +   221d ago
Either that our online friend or some NPC that we decided to help. You know, just like Demon / Dark Souls.
Enemy  +   221d ago
I think it's an NPC. Miyazaki said we'd be running into other hunters throughout the game and that we could choose to kill them.
WillGuitarGuy  +   221d ago
What Enemy said. He's an NPC that you can either choose to help or leave alone. Some encounters will have benefits and some consequences later on from what we were told at E3.
edqe  +   221d ago
Physics? To me everything looks totally static, at least environment doesn't look dynamic at all.
The_Infected  +   221d ago
Skip to 5:23 and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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edqe  +   221d ago

That's nice but not much :). If environment would be dynamic all over the places I would call it great physics.
Well, in the end these games are not about complexity, physics or graphical fidelity but a great experience for gamers who likes hack 'n' slash games.
Inception  +   221d ago
:o :o :o

be right back, i need to change my pants
highStandardsGamers   221d ago | Spam
EdoubleD  +   221d ago
Witcher 3 30 minute demo and this? Today is a good day.
edqe  +   221d ago
... and something more complex was released was released today as well - "Pillars of Eternity" backers beta and more HOI4 information.
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ThatOneRiggaNob  +   221d ago
That was amazing! Can't wait to get my PS4 for this.
mezati99  +   221d ago
from all the announced games for next year. so far, this will be my 2015 GOTY
Clarence  +   221d ago
Cant wait for this one
MegaSackman  +   221d ago
S2Killinit  +   221d ago
Youtube can't do 1080p.
Enemy  +   221d ago
Nope. Let's bother Gamersyde about it.
S2Killinit  +   221d ago
not sure what you mean, also don't know why i got disagrees. Isn't it true that youtube doesn't do 1080?? i might be wrong.
Muadiib  +   221d ago
I'm NOT buying a PS4, I'm NOT buying a PS4, I'm NOT buying a PS4, I'm NOT buying a PS4...damn you From for making this a PS4 exclusive, Dark Souls 1 is one of my fave games ever and it was bad enough I never got to play Demon Souls, but this is too much grrrrr!!

ps The Cleric Beast is already more memorable than all of the bosses of Dark Souls 2 put together.
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Potnoodle999  +   221d ago
Haha definately not them all put together, it had some memorable ones but I see your point. DS 2 was still really fun for me but it was clearly missing a bit of that extra Miyazaki magic :D
Anyway this looks absolutley bloody awesome!!!!
The normal gameplay looks awesome but by the 5 minute point I thought they weren't gonna show an epic boss...SO glad I was wrong cos it already looks like cleric beast is gonna be a fave :D
Muadiib  +   221d ago
Yeah don't get me wrong I finished DS2 and it took me 75 hours so I must've had some fun :p But yeah it wasn't up there with Dark or Demon Souls, definitely made by the B team, I really worry that they will continue making sequels to Dark Souls, with each one getting worse and further from Miyazaki's original vision, I hope I'm wrong.
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Potnoodle999  +   221d ago
Ps: The ps4 is already worth it lol make sure you get one next year at least, for all the awesome 2015 exclusives :) I know i'll be picking up either an x1 or wiiu next year, not sure which one yet though....hmmmmm
Muadiib  +   221d ago
If I buy a PS4 it will be for this game, I will wait till it comes out (hopefully the console is cheaper) and more AAA exclusives are released before I do mind, I'm 37, I'm nothing if not a little more patient and a little bit poorer than I used to be!
Darkfist  +   221d ago
i thought the other player was going to back stab him after killing the werewolfs
AutoCad  +   221d ago
Looks good,looking to see more of this in the future.
typittt69  +   221d ago
Wow can't wait for that. The setting is amazing, much more than the setting in the Souls series imo. Mind blown
XtraTrstrL  +   221d ago
Twiggy  +   221d ago
That giant spider in the background, seems to be clutched onto a building, Boss? I think so.

Man that werewolve section was most interesting, trying to understand it's attack pattern was strange simply by the way they moved, awesome.

gootimes  +   221d ago
bumnut  +   221d ago
Doesn't look great
Potnoodle999  +   221d ago
Haha....Bumnut did a funny guys! :D
bumnut  +   220d ago
No, i just voiced my opinion. Looks average to me, especially for an exclusive. Sad really because ps3 exclusives were very impressive.
SCW1982  +   221d ago
I really hope that it's just an early build and that crates and boxes and things will be breakable aside from that the game looks phenomenal.
majedx9  +   221d ago
nice day one 4 me.
dota2champion  +   221d ago
Game looks too easy. He's killing everything with 2-3 hits.
Enemy  +   221d ago
FromSoft does this to demo their games. Unless you'd prefer seeing the player die over and over again, which would make consumers not want to buy the game.
windblowsagain  +   221d ago
Yeah it'll be much harder with the full game. And these look like early enemies, will prob get alot harder as you go along.
CannonB8  +   221d ago
PS4 owner here.
Am I the only one thinking "meh" on this one?
Looks good, but gameplay looks a little stale and I was begging him to tiptoe by the end of it. The clip-clop of his boots were doing my head in!
I'm all for great framerate and 1080p but, honestly, this is the kind of gameplay we were slagging off Ryse for! (without the QTEs)
Can't we move away from the standard hack and slash? It's Next Gen for christs sake!
Enemy  +   221d ago
Spoken like someone who's never played a Souls game. If you've never played one, I could see where the ignorance comes from. Every Souls fan will eat this up as it already looks better than all of them.

Edit: Souls games are not hack n slash games, they're RPGs. Massive difference. Deeper than every single game you listed.
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CannonB8  +   221d ago
True, true. I have however played a lot of God of War, Devil May Cry, Heavenly Sword and every other identikit hack n slasher released since the good ol' PS1 days. It just seems like it's all been done before.
Granted, this is pre-release so it might change and that giant spider creeps the sh1t out of me, but I think I'll leave this one to you hardcore guys.
Can't deny it looks gorgeous, though.

EDIT - Sorry, posted as a new comment. Edited to make a reply.
tontontam0  +   220d ago

IDENTICAL hack and slash games? not even close

LOL play demon souls or dark souls first.
Inception  +   220d ago
"Am I the only one thinking "meh" on this one?"

Only you

"this is the kind of gameplay we were slagging off Ryse for! (without the QTEs)"

Very veryyyyyyy different compare to Ryse

"Can't we move away from the standard hack and slash?"

This IS NOT a hack & slash game. It's an action RPG and you can't button mash your attack like a standard H&S games. See that green bar below the health bar? That's a stamina bar and everytime you attack, dash, or roll than the stamina decreased. So i repeat it again: THIS-IS-NOT-A-HACK & SLASH-GAME!

I'm sorry to say but if you never play or don't know anything about Demon's / Dark Souls series than i suggest to use the internet before posting like this.
Revengeance  +   220d ago
I dare you to try and fight enemies like it's a hack and slash game in Demon's Souls. I assure you, no I PROMISE you, you will get destroyed in no time flat.

There's a reason why the Souls games are NOT classified as hack and slash.
CannonB8  +   220d ago
OK. so it's fairly obvious that I have never played any of the Demon's/Dark Souls games.
That being said, I can only put my point of view forward after watching what I saw on the video and to me it looks like another hack and s;ash game.
Going from the comments above, there looks to be more to it than that.
Just don't vilify me for never having played the afore-mentioned games.
Evreyone is entitled to an opinion.
SpinalRemains138  +   220d ago
Not hack and slash at all.

Believe me, if you try that route, you will never even defeat one level.

These games require massive amounts of critical thinking when dealing with each enemy.
CannonB8  +   219d ago
Fair enough. I stand corrected. I might even give them a try....
CannonB8  +   221d ago
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Agrim  +   221d ago
*hits replay
nucky64  +   221d ago
jan - march going to be insane. bloodborne; the order; witcher3; dying light......wow.

this trailer is SOOOOOOOO good in every way! anyone know what the "pebbles" are for?
Relientk77  +   221d ago
In the video, he saw a group of 4 enemies walking away. He threw a pebble at the one enemy, and that enemy attacked him. So he engaged one enemy instead of 4.
nucky64  +   221d ago
thanks - I missed that. I thought he used his gun to draw an enemy at him.
Relientk77  +   221d ago
Ok this looks boss. Excited for this game
Master-H  +   220d ago
Day 1, no F***ing doubt! This game trumps every next gen game that's come out or coming out in the future for me, Hype!
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