Sony To Stream Pre-Tokyo Game Show 2014 PlayStation Event

Sony has recently announced its plans to stream their pre-Tokyo Game Show 2014 presentation a few weeks before Tokyo Game Show 2014.

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Majin-vegeta1432d ago

Come on Sony time to drown me in some good RPG goodness.

Legend Of Dragoon 2 would be a great start.Just dig out the old files and go from there.

Abash1432d ago

All I want is a new Dark Cloud announed

GribbleGrunger1432d ago

I just want to see more of this:

And take a look at the spider on the building in the distance:

... Oh, and show us Last Guardian on PS4!

S2Killinit1432d ago

mother of everything that is holly! lol

cant wait for it.

Patrick_pk441432d ago

During Gamescom Yoshida said that the Last Guardian will probably not be shown at TGS. He did state that they are continuing to develop it.

Cryptcuzz1432d ago

Yoshida did say they won't be showing The Last Guardian, but he didn't say anything about not showing it at a Pre- Tokyo Game Show event :D

Evilsnuggle1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Still holding out hope for a direct Demon's Soul's sequel , pre sequel or a game in the Demon's Soul's universe, a new Panzer Dragon Saga game may be HD Panzer Dragon Saga or Vagrant Story game.

Hope to see the Last guardian can't wait to see Deep Down and Kingdom Under Fire 2.

Loved gamecom Sony great new Ip's The Wild and The Tomorrow children plus more Rime I want to see the combat system in Rime. I liked Sony's gamecom more than E3.

Can't wait for the Tokyo Game Show. Hoping for some great new RPGs out of TGS.

Come on Sony keep them hot exclusive coming Baby.

LightDiego1432d ago

A new game from Level 5 and Studio Ghibli like Ni no Kuni, a sequel or a new IP, we need more games from this partnership!

Seraphemz1432d ago

man I would love a sequel to Ni No Kuni.. that game was absolutely amazing..

Back-to-Back1432d ago

Hopefully more info on Deep Down

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Chuk51432d ago

Sony was playing the long game with the conferences.

DarkLord10031432d ago

Man I want to get hyped but I also don't want to be disappointed...

Cryptcuzz1432d ago

That would be awesome and would bring tears of joy instantly!

chikane1432d ago

? pre show i don't get it? and what about the show it self well that be stream?

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The story is too old to be commented.