Divinity: Original Sin artist received threats and harassment over games original art

The reason for making this journal entry is because there is something that has been on my mind since the past three months. And not on my mind alone as it seems more artists are confronted with the same thing I'm about to say. While in most cases time dissipates the issue in my mind this time it is something that keeps bugging me over and over again to a point it irritates the hell out of me. Afterall it is a hot topic that has gone completely viral for many months now.

This journal entry is all about judgmental journalism, offended-by-design opinionators and the fearsome white knights that the first two bring in its wake. Surely this is something that has existed since the first written word on the internet, and for as long men could express their thoughts behind a pseudonym charade.

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rextraordinaire1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Also, that M&Ms candy commercial where the male candy was blatantly being raped by the woman. Oh yeah that's funny because males never get raped eh

Nice journal post. I agree with most of it.

Gh05t1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Ahhh people and their ideas that they have the right NOT to be offended...

Great read, I wish there were more people willing to stand up and put an end to the forced conforming of subjective media.

noxeven1374d ago

When are people gonna realize sex sells. Thats one of the major components in business .Instead of targeting one kickstarter campaign people need to learn if you truly wanna stop such things you need to stop buying the products. Which means clothing, candy, cars you name that promotes that just buying it and using it so when people ask you say I don't like how sexualize women. People will realize oh well alright. I like the original art it cool what the art has now is also good. I didn't buy divinity because I just wasn't interested Interesting read over all.

spartanlemur1374d ago

Well this is the world we live in. I mean Medieval people thought they were morally correct when tossing "witches" in rivers. What really bugs me is that the people who intimidate don't for one second question their own morality. They think that because they believe something, it is "right" and all others should abide by it.

They should clean up their act and start discussing politely these things rather than throwing around buzzwords to try and ruin games through bad press and low reviews.

I suggest the people who write such articles look up just one word and really study it: tolerance.

tanookisuit1374d ago

The [death?] threats are completely unnecessary, especially for something like this.

RebelWAC1374d ago

There is only a fraction of people who knows the true importance of the Internet. Irony is that the same people cursing Google for taking our privacy away are mostly the same people giving them the reason to do so.

Great article btw.