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Last year Insomniac Games released Fuse, a solid but generic coop shooter that lacked any charisma or personality and never stood out from the crowd. You get the feeling Sunset Overdrive is the studio's response to the critics. With its bright colours, explosive gameplay and tongue-in-cheek humour, this appears to be the polar opposite of what Fuse represents. As a result, it could be one of the contenders for game of the year.

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towelie12881495d ago

really looking forward to this one!!

cruzngta1495d ago

This game will make people who dont have an XB1 wish they at least had the game on their preferred system of choice or maybe even go out and buy an XB1 for it. It looks amazing and is a breath of fresh air with all the same old type shooters we have - which are all good in their own ways. I think this game is really going to be alot of fun and do really well. Good luck Insomniac and MS. Now make the sequel multiplat so PS4 owners can enjoy it as well.

ScorpiusX1495d ago

If it's a hit and moves consoles for MS , what makes you think they will allow it to go anywhere else.

cruzngta1494d ago

The fact that Insomniac owns the IP and can make more money going multiplat... thats why.