More Forza Horizon 2 cars revealed

PlayGround games reveal more cars for Forza Horizon 2 in Week 5.

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cfc781434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

New car Ford Capri RS 3.1 only 148 bhp but should be fun,would love to see a series 1 RS turbo added if they continue putting classic Fords into Forza/FH.

GodGinrai1433d ago

Fully agree :). I can tell your a car guy from those choices. You are right about the fords. I would like to see the old S2 escort RS turbo and RS1600 (I gotta have both in white with the original blue decals). And for lulz an XR3i. And lets not forget the old fiesta Rs turbo and XR2i ;)

cfc781433d ago

Yeah sounds good could also throw in a few more old school Vauxhall,Renault,Peugeot etc would make for some epic rival battles.

GodGinrai1433d ago

My choices would include the 205GTi 1.9 (gotta be the 1.9 model..that was my first car!)and the T16 Group B model would be nice for the off road stuff. A clio williams and the 1980s GTE and SRI astras would be nice too ( even though the handling was terrible, on the SRI I once drove). Its nice to see they added the E28 M3, nice and early. That is one of my fave cars of all time.

3-4-51433d ago

* 2013/2014 Ford Fusion

^ Not sure why this isn't in Froza yet, but they have 5 Ford Focuses in Forza 5.

The New Fusion is awesome, and would perfect in these games, especially Horizon.

pastysmash1433d ago

McLaren F1. That's me chuffed.

Torque_CS_Lewith1433d ago

this game is proof that quality does not have to come at the expense of content

GodGinrai1433d ago

I hope the new M4/M3 and BMW 1M coupe show up. I just love beemers! hopefully porches (love porches too)come via DLC like in forza 4. I miss hooning it around in my GT3 RS 4.0.

But I am glad that my ferrari F12 is in their. I just love V12 ferraris :)

aviator1891433d ago

how many total cars will there be for horizon 2?

1433d ago
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