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I don't get too wound up about my golf game, and it's a good thing I don't. Otherwise, long ago I would have thrown myself in the nearest water hazard along with my clubs. Enjoying a nice day on a gorgeous course is enough. The Golf Club captures this essence in both the challenge of perfecting your swing and the pride of being able to create your own gorgeous courses. But, is that beauty enough?

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XB1_PS41400d ago

Didn't know about this game until this morning. I'll probably end up picking it up, as I've heard nothing but good things from it.

3-4-51400d ago

* Create your own courses, and use them in tournaments and in a career.

^ That is enough for me.

kizzle321400d ago

I remember seeing it early on in the year and was excited, stoked it's out now, will wait for PS4 version, though, it is tempting to download on my Xbox One today...

Good to see it getting decent reviews too, I was concerned when I seen the announce trailer thinking "That looks too awesome, it's gonna flop and not work like they are saying" so I am happy to see reviews coming in with mostly good things to say about it!

harrisk9541400d ago

PS4 is supposed to be coming later this month.

harrisk9541400d ago

The Edge:

The Golf Club looks best on any platform other than the Xbox One. It doesn't look horrible on the Xbox One, but backgrounds have a muddy film over them and your foreground golfer does not look as crisp.