Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Review | The Vita Lounge

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"Kicking ass, stripping enemies, exploring Akihabara and helping citizens; you’re the king of the otaku, and this is your playground – so when someone or something appears to threaten it, it’s up to you to take a stand.

But is this really your stand to take? Let me paint you a picture, as this one’s definitely not a “one size fits all” adventure."

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vongruetz1499d ago

I don't think I can handle the fanservice and Japanese references. It looks interesting, but clearly this one is not for me.

And now I know... and knowing is half the battle.

Paul_Murphy1499d ago

It really doesn't sound like it's for me but then I didn't think P4G would be. Not sure this one will ever end on plus though, so I might just have to take a punt, when it arrives.

teflontactics1499d ago

Yeah, I'm thinking this one will be a definite absence from Plus due to content.

Chaz30101499d ago

Great review! Sounds interesting, can't see it being an instant purchase for me, there's a few other titles that are taking priority. May pick it up if it's ever on sale.

ruefrak1499d ago

Gotta love the Japanese and their whacked out games. Even the title is awesome "Undead and undressed." Because of course you want to undress the undead. What's the point in putting clothes on a dead person?

teflontactics1499d ago

To keep their decomposing junk from falling off? I have no idea, but it was fun to play. =)

ruefrak1498d ago

I was a little surprised by the score after reading your review. Thought it would be 4+, but I guess its lack of depth held it back.

teflontactics1498d ago

Lack of depth, the graphical concessions, the limited combat system (which some may find boring, but for the flow of the game I didn't) and the way the game is set up all contributed to the lower than 4 score.