Phil Fish Re-announces Fez II Via Twitter [Satire]

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Indie gaming developer Phil Fish this morning tweeted out the news many fans of his Escher-esque platformer Fez have been hoping to hear: Fez II, his much-hyped but abruptly canceled sequel, is back in development."

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360ICE1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I really like that there's more satire these days.

This industry has always needed to take itself less seriously and maybe it's starting to.

Not to take credit or anything, but...


randomass1711462d ago

Provided said satire is actually funny I totally agree lol.

lifesanrpg1462d ago

I agree that video games need to be taken less seriously, but unfortunately no site has been able to do what the Onion does. A lot of these satire sites just come off as tryhards

360ICE1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Except the one I backed on N4G back in the day. They knew what they did...

Reference in the link above.

Besides, half the time The Onion comes off as try-hards. Written comedy is hard.

lifesanrpg1456d ago

@360ICE, I actually don't like the onion either. I don't understand the fuss around them

Godmars2901462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Then again the fanboy wars started, really became the hate fest they are today, because of parody. The Xbox camp reacting to the price announcement for the PS3 with viral videos.

That's around the time a real "Them vs Us" crept into things.

LightDiego1462d ago

I knew it was a satire because gamers are evil and don't deserve Fez 2, the sequel of the best game ever created, Fish is a genius, he changed entertainment forever.

Blacktric1462d ago

Did you know that Phil Fish single handedly saved all the women in the world from the claws of the evil white men?

Did you know that Phil Fish can do 100000 pushups in 20 seconds?


But seriously, f**k that guy. What an embarrasment to both gaming community itself and indie developers overall. He's never going to release FEZ 2 because he knows he got lucky with the first one and will never be able to replicate the same success.

uth111462d ago

The problem with this piece is that it's entirely plausible :/

Th3o1462d ago

Wait so what's happening? This guy seems to cause more drama than joy at this point.

It's like he is bipolar.

Is it coming or not, seriously if any other company did this they would have gone under by now.

It's coming but only on these following conditions completely not related to money.

Jesus, why are always the creative ones crazy?

Rimeskeem1462d ago

I'm pretty sure he is Bipolar

XtraTrstrL1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Regardless of this satire article, All his recent talk of Fez 2 after supposedly leaving the industry just shows that he realizes he needs the $$$ to continue the lifestyle he probably started living after the bags of money that dropped on his lap for Fez.

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