Why Alien: Isolation Lead Designer Favours The PS4 Version

Creative Assembly prefers the PS4 version of Alien: Isolation, and for a very interesting reason...

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s8anicslayer774d ago

Many devs like the DS4 as it really does add a whole lot more to the gameplay experience. As a gamer the only flaw I see is it's battery.

gamesTM_dom774d ago

Having played the PS4 version of the game (woo!) in a dark room on my own (ahh!), I can confirm that it does actually add a lot to the game - probably the only time I've really noticed and enjoyed the lightbar. Best use od DS4 so far, no gimmick

DirtyMagician774d ago

I quite liked the use of the lightbar during the Destiny beta, when your flashlight turned on, the lightbar increased in brightness. It was a nice little touch.

I like the sound of this along with the beeping that will come from the DS4 speaker.

MasterCornholio774d ago

Don't forget the torch in Tomb Raider. That's also a really heat way to use the light bar. Anyways I hope the game is good cause I'm dying to play a good survival horror SciFi game.

BattleTorn774d ago (Edited 774d ago )


Yeah, I found it to add immersion in Tomb Raider! +

xHeavYx774d ago

"My favourite version is the PS4 version – and I say that as a massive Microsoft fan – so to say the PS4 version is my favourite feels a bit weird"
Glad they are being honest

Cryptcuzz774d ago

I love how devs are starting to use the light bar and built-in speakers of the DualShock4 controller in new and immersive ways.

I forgot what the name was, but it was the free PS Plus game, where the guy has a pink hand coming out of his head. In that game, it was neat how you can use the hand to grab onto other NPC's to hear the thoughts in their head. The voice in their head would come from the speakers on the controller. Small feature, but a feature that adds more immersion to the game.

ninsigma774d ago


that's stick to the man you're talking about. Great game, I enjoyed that feature too.

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BiggerBoss774d ago

Yeah it's good to see that the so called "gimmicky" features of the Dualshock 4 can actually benefit games with a more immersive experience.

LazyGoron774d ago

Agreed... design fits so snug in my hands. I am getting my blue beauty DS4 today :)

Destiny1080774d ago

that paper game from gamescom they had a feature where the DS4 controlled a torch, that would be epic in a horror game

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Gore-Content774d ago

The Dualshock 4 is sensual!!

SilentNegotiator773d ago

*Gives Gore-Content's Dualshock 4 an abuse hotline card*

Majin-vegeta774d ago (Edited 774d ago )

I wish they would use the speaker on the PS4 remote to make the alien noise when was is near you :3.

@Chuk All in fun :P.

Chuk5774d ago BadLanguageShow
lonelyplayer774d ago

the speaker is one of the best features of the DS4

S2Killinit774d ago

thats a cool idea actually. Some games are using the speaker and its awesome i have to say.

zsquaresoff774d ago

I don't know about anybody else, but since i've started using DS4, my aiming has improved immensely.

Taking head shots is so much more easier to do than it was on DS3.

_FantasmA_774d ago

It was already easy on the DS3, DS4 just makes them almost automatic! Just kidding I'm not that good but I do average about 4-6 headshots in a Killzone match.

Enemy774d ago

My hype for this game is unhealthy.

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