GamesRadar: X-Blades Exclusive Hands-On

Sex appeal is a common ingredient in videogames, but X-Blades may represent a new level in blatant eyeball-grabbing. The anime-tastic heroine, Ayumi, wears a shockingly small amount of clothing, even by gaming standards. Luckily, while she may have forgotten to bring a pair of pants on her evil demon-fighting, treasure-hunting hack 'n slash adventure, she did remember two rather badass swords... that just happen to also serve as a pair of badass guns.

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MK_Red3838d ago

This game had an entirely different name and look. They changed a lot. At least now it's coming to consoles too. This type of gameplay is definitly suited for consoles a bit more.
The game now seems a more cartoonish and arcadish version of Heavenly Sword. Also, the girl has enough clothing IMO :D

SpaceCowgirl3838d ago

Don't people know that the skimpier the armor the more AP it has.

MK_Red3838d ago

Sure but that lowers the AC.

tplarkin73838d ago

The hands-on was positive. It's a good sign.