Metro Redux PC versus 2033 and Last Light

Website published a video comparing the PC versions of Metro Redux with the original graphics of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

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imt5581430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

For Xbone and PS4 Metro : Redux is huge upgrade vs. PS3/X360 counterpart, but for PC is pretty shitty DOWNGRADE! Even on highest settings.

Original LL on PC :

Redux on PC :

Original LL on PC

Metro Redux on PC :

christrules00411430d ago

The second set of screenshots does look worse as they put a different texture asset in it completely. But both of the redux screenshots has more light taking away some of the color.

4A said, "Metro 2033 Redux is a far more significant upgrade over the original than Metro: Last Light Redux". Why don't you compare Metro 2033 to it's redux version and then consider that it actually has optimization this time.

user56695101430d ago

Seriously? At work can't watch or tell difference on phone

Pandamobile1430d ago

First screenshots, the lighting is a bit different in the Redux, that's about it.

Second screenshots, Redux looks better. The parallax occlusion mapping or whatever they used in Last Light looks ridiculous on those rocks. That's not how that effect is supposed to be used.

That's not a downgrade.

edqe1430d ago

I would be interested to know which OpenGL version they uses. Unfortunately the original one used OpenGL 3.3 on Linux (thanks Apple!) so if they are using now OpenGL 4.4 it would be quite a huge upgrade. OpenGL 4.5 would be even better but unrealistic.

brich2331430d ago

They even downgraded the watch, I prefer the digital one.

calvincrack1430d ago

Metro Last Light is a crash fest once you get further into it. If this new one is better optimized they should release it as DLC for existing owners.