DirectX 12: Marrying PC and Xbox One in perfect Unity

Last week,DeveloperTech posted an article detailing the massive performance gains and power reductions DirectX 12 will bring to the PC. In the piece, we mentioned that Microsoft's Xbox One console is also likely to see some benefits but won't see the vast improvements of its PC brethren. What we didn't mention, however, is that there are other benefits to DirectX 12 which directly affects both platforms.

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Kryptonite42O1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

sooo, for the most part it sounds like porting from PC to xbox one will be easier with dx12? especially for developers using cross-platform development tools such as Unity..?
Good news for developers I suppose.
In the end, if graphics are of utmost importance to you, get a pc.

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Bodge1428d ago

Hope Xbox to PC happens a lot more, it's long overdue for Microsoft to unite their products under one unified system.

Not to mention they need to seriously ram up their PC support.

decrypt1428d ago

Historically whenever MS has tried to ramp up their PC support, its always been a disaster lol.

edqe1428d ago

I hope PC goes towards OpenGL in future. It is an open cross-language, multi-platform and de facto industry standard.

I wouldn't mind if MS would concentrate only XBox One and let PC go towards even more open gaming platform.

decrypt1428d ago

Agreed OpenGL would be better specially now that SteamOS is around.

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mixolydian_id1428d ago

Lol... I see what you did there (perfect 'Unity' :3)

LiQuiZoN1428d ago

I generally hate Microsoft but dx12 looks like a good way to rid us of the windows driver overhead.

But will Microsoft restrict it to win8 and win9 only? You bet your ass. If they do I'll allow the hate to consume me and grow more anti Microsoft.

I develop on win 8/win rt everyday and it isn't close to as good of a desktop OS as win 7.

hello121428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Directx12 was never a game changer for resolution. People jumped on it and said how will this make the GPU better it doesn't do that.

Directx12 will improve CPU performance. How much of a performance gain will directx12 bring can't be answered at this point. Even a small gain is a game changer. Intel got a 70 per cent performance boost testing directx11 and directx12 against each other. I expect least 30 per cent gain if not more for xb1.

The x box 1 uses some directx12 features, but not all. So we don't know exactly what the new features coming to x box 1 are? If devs can get more frames by using directx12 then they might be able to push the resolution higher without sacrificing performance.

[email protected] More powerful? The PS4 isn't 50 per more powerful. Surely games coming out in the last few months have shown you that? I think directx12 will help the x box 1.

Resolution will always be an easier task on PS4 though! However i think the x box 1 will have the better frame rates with direcxtx12. PS4 will struggle to keep up.

Phil Spencer was talking about development and resolution can't be fixed by directx12. It can only be worked on with directx12.

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