Remastered Or Recycled?

GameGrin's Alex Avard writes: "As many of you may know, The Last of Us Remastered has arrived on PlayStation 4 as a supposedly new and improved version of Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed masterpiece that came to PlayStation 3 last year. This is, of course, one of the many games to have made the transition from last-gen to current-gen over the last nine months since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 finally hit shelves."

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PaleMoonDeath1279d ago

The purpose of this remaster was to let new Playstation owners experience the game, going by the sales it did justice in that respect.

Makes you wonder, do people think before they write these damned articles?

Xbot12141279d ago

i hate remastered games, i bought nex gen to play new games, not play the old ones i beat
and i guarantee 85% aren't big on remastered verisons

linkenski1279d ago

Recycled but in 1080p and 60fps is good enough for me.