Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One: Dynamic weather, 'we don’t have to fake anything'

Forza Horizon 2's Creative Director Ralph Fulton talked about the new possibilities that come with a dynamic weather system.

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DarkOcelet1493d ago

The game looks pretty good for an open world game , Horizon 1 was awesome so i expect this to be awesome too .

Cueil1493d ago

Horizon 1 was super fun and I'm not a big race fan, but removing the cars from the closed track was huge for the franchise

ANIALATOR1361493d ago

does it have cardboard cut out crowds though?

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Yes! i watched a youtube video last month when they was freeroaming,
and at the festival, when they was driving slow through the area,
you can clearly see the crowds multiplied and cardboard style just like FM5. Despite the cardboard crowds, the game is still gonna be interesting to look at while driving. That map though, looks fun to explore on it.

Keep dreaming about it because it's never gonna happen.

Stop it please.

You are right! when it rains, it does not form on the vehicle, but it forms when on the windows and the windshield because of the windshield wipers being on.

Dewitt1493d ago

You can pretty clearly see the rain bouncing off the car when it rains, it changes direction with the flow of the wind as well. Stop making stuff up.


No they are 3D, Or mixed, but I know for sure there are 3D crowds. Here is a blurry but best screen shot I could find :/

Animal Mutha 761493d ago

lol couldn't help yourself there eh?

slow clap.

Alabamarolltide19901493d ago

No lol. If you watch videos and screen shot them their 3D. It's possible there are some
But majority of them are 3D

Septic1493d ago

"If conditions are right, we can simulate mathematically accurate rainbows in our world, creating these stunning moments of incredible natural beauty. Dynamic weather means we also were able to include working windshield wipers in every car in the game,"

Wow now that is impressive.

christocolus1493d ago

Amazing how far games have come. MS just filed a patent for a service called Forza Hub. I guess it has something to do with all things Forza related.

Can't wait to try out this game. You should check out the infection mode game demo and the 21mins gamescom preview of FH2. The game is awesome. The night races look spectacular.

oSHINSAo1493d ago

i know bro, i found a lot of PS4 Articles in the Xbox One Sections... n4g keeps feeding the fanboys

MegaRay1493d ago

Dont you want to see a Forza vs Driveclub comments? Admit it :P

Godmars2901493d ago

Probably was approved too quickly.

Godmars2901493d ago

As far as I'm aware, neither title is going to earlier systems. Are PS4/XB1 only.

So then why if any real consideration was given to this submission, why are those listed as well?

Kayant1493d ago

Examiner - Clickbait/rehashing old info.

HanzoHattori1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Be careful. If you question some of the things that happen on this site, they'll report you for trolling or being off topic. In short, some people on this site are petty as hell.

700p1493d ago

and then you get banned for voicing your opinion like i have lmao

y7jzdgy1493d ago

This site is full of trolls but I thought that it was obvious enough.

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HollywoodLA1493d ago

I'll buy when it comes to #PS4.

Cueil1493d ago

<_< can we all gather for prayer for this lost soul... Lord God, in Heaven, we have a person who can not read well. We ask you to give that person the strength to click on articles and read them. We ask that you give them the wisdom to check publishers of a title. Oh Lord please bestow upon this person great desire to not post on N4G, Amen!

Torque_CS_Lewith1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Lol I couldn't help but chuckle cause this actually sounded like a genuine and proper prayer.
+1 for proper prayer.

Sevir1493d ago

AMEN and AMEN!!!!! LOL

HollywoodLA1492d ago

One person clearly not getting the joke lol..

Ouch... haha.

: )

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