PlayStation Europe boss: PS Now Subscriptions are 'something we're looking at'

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan acknowledged that Sony is looking at various ways for the company to correctly position PS Now's payment model, and subscription is one of them.

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DarkOcelet1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Stop looking , start making , a netflix like subscription and i will be all over it . This could be truly awesome if they did that .

Bennibop1463d ago

Not as straight forward as just doing it. They have to come to a financial agreement with all the various publishers and still make it profitable as well as financially viable to gamers.

RuleNumber51463d ago

I have faith that Sony can do that. They're on a real hot streak right now and I expect them to work out a subscription deal of sorts. It behooves them to find a happy medium because the service is an outstanding concept, it's just the payment model that needs more refining.

TimeSkipLuffy1463d ago

They should have thought about that when they had the idea of streaming games to their devices.

iamnsuperman1463d ago

They also have to think about limiting the amount of streams. I mean you can't sell it at $5-$10 and have unlimited amount of games you can stream. That is just unrealistic.

LeCreuset1463d ago

They need to leverage their own library to get 3rd parties to move their game to the subscription model. Maybe retain rentals for greedy pubs, but start up a cheap, basic subscription model for 1st party games. Once the 3rd party pubs see that people are opting for the subscription model enough 3rd party support may go to the subscription service where they can launch a Plus edition that allows access to 1st and 3rd party titles with one subscription.

Cryptcuzz1463d ago

Yeah, I am sure they can work out a deal with all the games publishers on a subscription based pricing where consumers and them would be happy with.

I would think its basically free money to the publishers. Sony has the infrastructure in place, after all said and done, the publishers would get a cut of some sort from all the subscriptions.

It's another source of basically free revenue for the publishers. Why else wouldn't they want to jump on board with how hot the PS4 has been.

I tried PS Now once and I liked it a lot, but can't seeing myself renting games like that. Now introduce a sub pricing like Netlfix and I'll be one of the first to join.

ikkokucrisis1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

A month/annual subscription like EA Access is definitely a good business model to pursue.

Also if Sony really wants to bring in more customers, they should make any game digitally purchased on the PSN store free (or ridiculously cheap) to run on PS Now service.

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Bonkerz1463d ago

But i thought PS is so anti subscription? You guys are so hypocritical its unbelievable. How much flack any subscription service gets blown up by you guys but if its Sony its the best thing ever. You should all be ashamed of how badly the fanboyism is in you.

iamnsuperman1463d ago

Yer because it's not like Sony hasn't already got a subscription service on the playstation /s

I am not even sure what you are trying to say nor do I see the relevance.

SoapShoes1463d ago

I see a hypocrite and his name is Bonkerz.

lodossrage1463d ago

Anti subscription?

Are you high or something? I assume you never heard of PS+ (Playstation Plus) or any of their subscription MMO games for that matter.

You don't even make sense

Mikelarry1463d ago

a user named "bonkerz" and you are expecting him / her to make any sense... come on now :)

LeCreuset1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

What the fanboy are you talking about? Is there an MS marketing checklist somewhere that mandates you meet certain daily goals, like "Accuse PS fans of hypocrisy"?

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FanboyKilla1463d ago

subscription or fail. i havent looked at it since it released. even if it is a good idea, doesn't mean its going to work. you made a service dependent mostly on other people property, so they want money, as they should. and you are trying to find a profit in there for you too, i dont see it. hey you might be able to nickel and dime us to death. .99¢ looks like your magic number. 99 cents for two days. we would eat that up. you would make money, slow money, but better than no money.

Software_Lover1463d ago

Just do weekly rentals for 4.99-5.99 just like the old days.

user3672721463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I'll get a ps4 in a heartbeat if it has a netflix all you can eat model. I am willing to pay $10-$15 per month for it. The current model just don't work.

adonis1831462d ago

is gonna be more than that.. Probably like 30$ for every game in the catalog... If it's 15$ is probably gonna be certain games....