Stone Cold Steve Austin talks PS4 and Xbox One technology in 'WWE 2K15'

Recently, had the opportunity to hear from Stone Cold Steve Austin about the experience he has had with the technology in WWE 2K15.

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pwnsause_returns1307d ago

It's crazy that I might go buy a wwe game now.... I haven't bought the game in the last 8 years.

The last time I bought it was just super disappointed, cause it was like the models where based on the ps2 models at the time. And every year since then , it looked the same

Lightning Mr Bubbles1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Not even dude, everything WWE sucks. The good WWE guys are all retired.

uncharted561307d ago

I wouldn't say that but wrestling definitely ain't what it used to be after WCW died. WWE needs competition. Anyways if you ever get a chance check out a guy named Dean Ambrose hes creating some waves in wwe due to how entertaining he is. Very reminiscent of Stone Cold and Brian Pillman.

ZombieGamerMan1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

You'll be glad to know that they actually scanned the wrestlers for their in game models minus CM Punk who had left the WWE before they could scan his face so he'll be noticably worse looking than the rest.

And that's the bottom like cause 2K said so.(glass shatters and Stone Cold's theme starts playing)

mcarsehat1307d ago

"In Stone Cold's voice"

Yeah, it's nice, purty, shiny......can i have a beer?

CorndogBurglar1307d ago

"Stone Cold Steve Austin talks PS4 and Xbox One technology in 'WWE 2K15"

Yeah. He's probably the best person to listen to when it comes to tech-talk.

TheFallenAngel1307d ago

Would be nice to see stone cold give the xbone a stunner and poor beer in the ps4.

Omran1307d ago

and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so
best wrestler in WWE history in my opinion !

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