Dev On PS4/Xbox One Resolution & FPS Debate: Games Should Run At '60fps, No Matter What'

MixedBag's Mauro does believe it "depends a lot on the kind of game you're making" though.

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Emanno1461d ago

I've said this many times.
Gameplay is more important than resolution & FPS.

TheHunter811461d ago

I agree. Game play should always be put first. 60 FPS will become the standard eventually anyway when the hardware advances.

Software_Lover1461d ago

...... but the hardware won't advance.

NatureOfLogic_1461d ago

It seems like MS is now going around trying to force devs to get 1080p even at the cost of fps.

blockcoc1461d ago

In another 5-7 years when the new consoles come out?

darthv721461d ago

A good solid frame rate has more impact on the gameplay than the resolution. The visual fidelity (detail) is also more important than the resolution (imo).

Having all 3 (overall) is nice but it really depends on the type of game that is being created. Some are more concerned with the atmosphere and creating that sense to draw the player into the game. Others are more interested in having things race by that you would normally not even pay attention to.

It all depends on the game and the vision of the games creator, which features they want to focus on.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1461d ago

I gotta disagree. Framerate matters only for precision. Not all games require high precision. In fps's racing games, and fighting games sure, but not all games. I think any game could benefit from a higher framerate but if it's not necessary and the extra power could go towards making more important features better then 30 is fine.

Evilsnuggle1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I think that all games should been 60fps standard. 60fps improve game play in every game .

Why higher frame rates improve game controls and lowers input delay . So higher frame rates improve game play in all types of games.

All game should be in 1080P 60fps. But from my understanding it is harder to get a game to run at 720p 60fps than 1080P 30fps. So the reality is that it might not be possible for every game to run 60fps this generation because of hardware limitations.

Ultimately it's up to the game developers . If a game developer is going for extreme graphics fidelity like games like Drive Club or The Order it's a trade off graphics over frame rates. I do understand why a developer would go that route.

Qrphe1461d ago

What precision are you talking about? Higher resolution in FPS games allows for deeper viewable distance so you can actually aim "further"

@ above

Pretty sure [email protected] is more demanding than [email protected] all other settings the same.

kingduqc1461d ago

Go play you favorite game in 240p or at 10 fps and tell me having a crisp image and smooth gameplay isn't an important factor.

I mean it's like you imply that you can't have both at the same time

uth111461d ago

If 60 fps means I have to sacrifice visuals or gameplay, then no.

Imalwaysright1461d ago

How exactly would gameplay be sacrificed by trying to achieve 60 FPS? If anything it would make it much better.

uth111461d ago

because 60fps requires twice as much processing power to draw the visuals as 30, and that is processing power that is being taken away from other tasks.

If that extra CPU power is mostly idle, then fine, go for 60. But if it's doing things that benefit the game, then it's not worth sacrificing them for a better frame rate IMO

Qrphe1461d ago

It really depends on the game. RTS games benefit a lot more from higher resolution than higher framerate.

Imalwaysright1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I'll repeat my question... How exactly would gameplay be sacrificed by trying to achieve 60 FPS?

XtraTrstrL1461d ago

It's like he said, it depends on the type of game.

stuna11461d ago

People commenting like you can't have all 3 though.

Darkwatchman1461d ago

the only 2 genres that ABSOLUTELY NEED 60 fps are racing games and fighting games. Racing games using the 60 fps in order to replicate speed and fighting games using the 60 fps because they're all about timing and frame cancels and all that stuff.

WeAreLegion1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I would add that some action games need it, as well. The faster ones, like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden. It's a shame DMC didn't run at 60 fps.

Darkwatchman1461d ago

yeah, those games certainly need it, but for most action games, if they were to run at 30 fps I would never feel like I were getting a severely gimped experience. An excellent example would be the God of War series. Both the God of War Collection and God of War Origins collection run at a locked 60 fps, but God of War 3 and Ascension run at 30 fps. Ascension was a cash grab, but God of War 3, even in its 30 fps glory compared to the previous entries is still one of the best entries in the franchise. At least to me. My only real complaints with God of War 3 that keep it short of matching the 2nd weren't with the reduced speed, but rather with the same environments through the majority of the game and less accomplished level design that didn't feel quite as seamless as the first two games.

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