Metro 2033/Last Light Original Versus Redux - First Comparison Screenshots & Video

Metro Redux’s embargo has just been lifted and people have already started sharing comparison screenshots and videos between the original versions of Metro 2033/Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033 Redux/Metro: Last Light Redux.

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sho0ok1433d ago

Now thats a remastered game(looking at you TLoU). The difference is very huge.

christrules00411432d ago

The Last of Us remastered was only on the PS3. People who had a Xbox 360/PC couldn't experience it. That is a lot of gamers who didn't get to play it. Metro 2033 wasn't on a Playstation platform for people to play. Both games has a target market.

sho0ok1431d ago

It is true, therefore TLOU should have been called ported.

AndrewLB1432d ago

if you read the article, it seems certain aspects of the Redux versions have been dumbed down.

Removed or reduced:

- Smoke cloud illumination
- Volumetric effect lighting
- Global reflections
- Tessellation reduced
- particle effects reduced

The Redux version is much brighter. The near-pitch-black segments of the game were so important and kept you all tensed up.

And truth be told, even with the higher res textures and other improvements, the Console version is missing out on the most important part. nVidia PhysX!! Metro LL was one of the few games were it made a MASSIVE improvement.

g-nome1433d ago

Tlou was already very good on PS3 dude. Not a lot of room for improvement there , unlike Metro.

Bennibop1432d ago

Plus Metro is a far simpler remaster that TLOU as a superior version was released on a PC so half the work was already 4a to use. Where as Naughty dog took months for the PS3 code to be recognised by the PS4 development kits.

boneso821432d ago

How did i guess that all the comments in this thread would be relating to TLoU instead of the differences between the old Metro games and the Redux versions.

C'mon guys...