BurNIng and Rotk Retire

Ian from Denkiphile: "This week saw the departure of two of the most legendary Chinese players, one hard carry and one offlaner. BurNIng was one of the most respected carries in all of Dota for a long time, not just in China. There’s a skill build for Anti-Mage that he developed and is referred to as “the BurNIng build”, where you get one point in Blink, Mana Break, and Spell Shield, then spend several points on stats, not skipping the ult, Mana Void, of course. This skill build has proved time and time to again to be effective, in many situations. Also notable are his Weaver and his terrifying TI2-era Morphling. He plans on sticking with his team, DK to help coach and scout out new talent for their team. Also plans on doing casting/commentary with Rotk."

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