Metro Redux PS4 vs PC Graphics Comparison

Watch a graphics comparison between the PS4 and PC versions of Metro Redux.

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kingduqc1493d ago

I always feel like video for comparison isn't really great because of the compression.

decrypt1493d ago

The more important question is what PC gamer in their right mind would buy these games again. Since the differences between original version and redux are not much.

This is simply a cash grab for console money. Since consoles dont have BC. As a PC gamer i see no reason for this purchase. Now if you havent played the games then its definitely worth picking up, even then the original version on PC could probably had as much as 5usd tops.

FantasyStar1493d ago

I am tempted to buy this again on Steam because of the good faith of 4A as well as the 50% off for previous owners. $15 for a new experience is good and I've paid more for less.

Volkama1493d ago

I own both games but haven't got round to playing them. I pre-purchased the 2033 redux yesterday as I read that the update to that one is fairly substantial and includes better physics and destruction. I am a complete sucker for both those words.

I also only paid something like £5 for both original games together, so I figured throwing another £8.49 their way couldn't do any harm.

jimjam34421493d ago

the redux has me worried, they got rid of the artyom voice actor in 2033 and replaced him with last lights voice actor. i never liked artyom's voice in last light. plus some of the "improvements" look worse. i wish you could play in original graphics if you wanted to.

fr0sty1493d ago

A remarkably close port. The kinda odd looking JJ Abrams style moon flare was missing in the PS4 port, but that was about it. Textures, poly counts, and lighting (other than what I mentioned before, and that is likely a post-processing effect so not actual lighting) all seem to be intact.

Kleptic1493d ago

doesn't seem that the PS4 version has any form of AO from what i could tell, either...but, like many, AO imo has been one of those resource heavy effects that doesn't seem to be all that necessary in most titles...

for reference, look at the weapon models in the under ground sections of the video...AO creates more realistic soft shadowing and reflections on the weapon and player arms...darker games tend to get away with little or no AO more than brighter titles, at least if going for any form of, again, its not a big deal...just saying, the lighting doesn't seem to be identical overall...just close...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1493d ago

Not only is this video compression beyond belief. But it doesn't even tell you what settings pc is on. Laughable comparison.

AndrewLB1492d ago

The PC version is clearly not running nVidia Advanced PhysX. Which is HUGE.

johny51493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

The most important question is, what quality is the Physics? Because Nvidia Physx makes a big difference in particle effects, including ragdoll animations, to smoke and fire effects!

BTW, Do we get tessellation in games yet? Even low quality tessellation would be nice? That's the only difference I see on the PS4 version, besides not having Physicx?

BTW, There's problems with the web page?

tee_bag2421492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Physx would likely be set low if not off. The Physx is unfortunately propitiatory. A low amount might be able to be offset to the CPU like Borderlands 2 but I'm doubting more than that without the game code being rewritten.

pain777pas1493d ago

Very good point. Really changes some gameplay in borderlands 2. Bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.