Silent Hills: Hideo Kojima Is the Next Master of Video Game Horror

Hideo Kojima is a perfect match for the Silent Hill series. We take a look at his horror resume.

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scark921497d ago

The Sorrow boss battle in MGS3 does give me goosebumps, Love it. I have faith in Kojima! I believe this game can benchmark horror, lets hope.

jimjam34421497d ago

alright, everybody line up to kiss kojimas ass.

crimsonfox1497d ago

I'll pull down his pants and french kiss it if there is a line for that.

crimsonfox1497d ago

some people call it gross. I call it passion...

fr0sty1497d ago

Some people (you) may call it passion... I'm sure Kojima would call... the cops.

AshleeEmerson1497d ago

Ok, thanks for being our A** Kissing leader :)

OpieWinston1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

IDK about Kojima.
He's had some decent horror experiences...Especially in Metal Gear.

But where most of the "Horror Genius" from Silent Hills, will be coming from Del Toro.

That guy knows his horror... He takes most of his inspiration from HP Lovecraft.

If Del Toro got into Horror game development as a side aspiration...That would be cool. Especially after how good "The Strain" (TV Series based on Del Toro novel) is doing.

pwnsause_returns1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Kojima's the master of breaking the 4th wall, that's going to play a role,with this game, so he's going to mess with your mind, just like psycho mantis in mgs1

So in conjunction with del toro, this game could be really special for the genre...

Adrian_v011497d ago

Del Toro is great when it comes to visuals and story, but I found his movies to be lacking the horror feeling. In a team I think Kojima and Del Toro will make a masterpiece. In the trailer they showed they're able to. Instead of using visuals and jump scares like most games do, they rely on sounds and let your brain imagine things rather than see them. I love that.

Alex_Boro1497d ago

P.T. was REALLY scary but the final game shouldn't have puzzles that make no sense like the final puzzle in P.T. It really slowed the momentum of the teaser quite a bit IMHO.

crimsonfox1497d ago

He said he wanted to people to band together to figure out the puzzle to discover Silent Hills together. I really doubt the full game will have puzzles that ridiculous. Although it would be pretty crazy to see everyone go at it on gaming sites.

Tedakin1497d ago

Yeah I haven't played PT myself, but I had 3 different people say they loved it in the beginning then got just frustrated with it in the end. My one friend agreed with your statement in saying the final puzzle is just random with not reason. I hope the final game isn't like that.

crimsonfox1497d ago

It was random just to get people communicating I think. Otherwise during that random would just be stupid haha.

fr0sty1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

There are several clues spread throughout the game that reveal what you are supposed to do, or at least hint at it. In the end, the solution makes sense. If you want that damn phone to ring, you're going to want it to be able to hear you when you answer it (don't forget how Kojima likes to play, think Psycho Mantis)... Then it's just a matter of exploring and patience (especially patience) to get the rest of it.

I'm glad to see a game that makes you work, especially in teams, to solve it. Too many games are dumbed down in difficulty these days, and most hold your hand through way too much. There is very little exploration left, it's like being guided down a path, like an amusement park ride or something. Games like this return to the old style of actually challenging you.

The answer was so subtly hidden, many made it to the SH teaser within hours, but nobody knew exactly how for a few days.

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